Satan’s Puppets

16 04 2017

The chief priests, elders and scribes who conspired against Jesus and delivered Him to the Cross; the Roman soldiers who mocked, beat and nailed Him there; and, the citizens who demanded His crucifixion were all unwitting participants in an event that would affect mankind for eternity.  In spite of having been eyewitness to many of Jesus’ miraculous works, they defiantly refused to believe He was indeed the Messiah and the Son of God. Rather, they felt Jesus was a threat to their power and beliefs. But, during His short mortal life, Jesus made it clear He had come to save when He said, “For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.” John 3:17. Jesus’ death was part of God’s plan of salvation.


Jesus also made clear the path to that eternal life when He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6.


Sadly, many today do not believe Jesus is the Son of God, nor do they appreciate what Jesus endured on that day on our behalf. Many are as blind and clueless as those who murdered Jesus and do not realize the harm they are causing or the destructive road they are following. University professors, the ultra-biased media, non-believing celebrities, corrupt politicians, and others who use their platform to spread their secular agenda, striving to remove all traces of Christianity from our lives, are unknowingly serving as pawns of Satan. It is one thing to espouse an opinion; but to openly, or subliminally, deliver evil is a fulfillment of Scripture and their followers will follow them to an eternal hell.  


God’s plan hasn’t changed. Jesus will return, but not riding on a donkey as He had done on what we now know as Good Friday. Instead, He will be as a warrior returning to defeat Satan and all evil. Those who have not accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior will not be saved from damnation.


Because of His suffering, we now have been given the greatest gift possible-eternal life. It’s right there like an apple on a low-hanging branch. All we have to do is grab it. Confess your sins and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. It’s that simple. Unfortunately, many will continue to ignore His call.



God’s Perfect Plan

11 07 2016

Maybe this would have been more timely as a Christmastime post; but, then I thought, what the heck…God is every day…not just on Sunday and not just at Christmas. Besides, if I don’t write it down the moment a thought comes to me, then in 3 seconds, it’s forgotten!


Like Tumblers in a Lock 

As the locksmith rotated the dial on the safe door, first right, then left, and then right again, each tumbler fell perfectly into place at precisely the right moment until the last one dropped and the door swung open. God has a plan and it’s amazing to watch each piece fall into place like the tumblers in a lock. 


Several times this past week, I have thought back to the last post, Migdal Eder, and realized how all the pieces to God’s plan, as always, just fell right into place like the tumblers in a lock. It made me think of Joseph and Mary’s arrival into Bethlehem. As nothing seemed to go their way, Joseph and Mary probably were unaware that everything was actually going according to plan-not their plan, but God’s. They were a poor, young couple; otherwise, no different from you and me. They rejoiced when things went well and despaired when it seemed the world was against them.


Here is how I see things going on the night Jesus was born. baby-jesus-christmas-nativity-wallpapers-1024x768


No Room at the Inn

Mary sat out front on the donkey as Joseph went inside to get them a room at the only hotel in town. No doubt, Joseph was distraught when he was told by the innkeeper there was no room available for him and his very pregnant wife. Even when he played the pregnant wife card, the innkeeper reiterated there was no room. 


“Sorry, sir, but you know everyone’s in town for this census thing and we’re completely full. I even have a goat and two camel jockeys sleeping on the floor in my room. We’re packed in here like a pimento in an olive. Tell ya what, my cousin, Farrad, has a farm just on the outskirts of town and he has a cave where he feeds his animals. If ya don’t mind put’n up with a few farm animals, you might check it out. Farrad’s place is out Old Jerusalem Road about a half-mile past Daniel’s Deli.”  


Joseph goes back out to where Mary sits atop the donkey. “There’s no room here.” he told Mary. “I told you we should have left home sooner so we could have arrived over the weekend.” 


They could have arrived in the middle of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade; but, they still wouldn’t have found anywhere to bed down, because giving birth in a cave was part of God’s plan. Proclaiming the great event to lowly shepherds, so they could make it public, was also part of God’s plan.


Born in a Stable

Why? Why would God have Jesus, His Son, born in a stable and placed in an animal feeding trough instead of a palace or a fancy, high-dollar hotel? Why would He have shepherds, the lowest rung on the chain of humanity, spread the news of Jesus’ arrival? 


The reason is because Jesus wasn’t sent to attend only to the rich and famous. Jesus was, and is, for all humanity. Had He been born in a palace to rich parents, then the majority of the world’s population, who, like Mary and Joseph, were poor, would have had the feeling they were alienated from the promised Messiah. They would have felt Jesus was for the rich and he didn’t care about them. Paul wrote in his second letter to the church at Corinth, “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich.” (2 Corinthians 8:9) 


As for the shepherds, who better to bring the Good News to the poor than one of their own? They were poor but hard-working people who were unaware they were playing a key role in God’s plan to save all mankind from eternal damnation. And, because of their experience assuring sacrificial sheep were protected from any harm, they readily recognized that the child they saw in a manger that night, swaddled in a protective cocoon of cloth, much like a sacrificial lamb, was the Son of God.


God is in Control

Think of your own circumstances. What placed you where you are today? What made you who you are? We are, certainly, the product of our own environment; but, I believe that environment, and as a result, our individual circumstances, is all a part of God’s plan which is far too complex for mortal understanding. I know in my heart, I have God to thank for bringing the Mathews family to Wilson where I would meet, court and eventually marry the first-born child of Pete and Elizabeth Mathews. Results of the choices we make are still a result of those circumstances which were created by other circumstances, often beyond our own doing.


God is in control and His plan is still coming together. The tumblers are still falling.

"I love it when a plan comes together!"

“I love it when a plan comes together!”


In the words of the unflappable Hannibal Smith, “Gee, I love it when a plan comes together.”