At the Mall

wringer washerMajor appliances usually last about 12-14 years before it becomes necessary to replace them. In our house we really put the appliances to the test as three boys can go through a lot of laundry and dishes. For some unknown reason, after we got married my wife decided it was necessary for us to use a clean towel following every bath or shower. I guess she felt it was more hygienic. But with three boys playing every sport known to man, you go through a lot of towels in a week. My wife washed three loads a day, six days each week, that’s 18 loads per week or 936 loads per year. And unless we were out of town on vacation, the dishwasher ran every night. Sorry, Al Gore but our carbon footprint is about the size of Texas. My wife and I learned a long time ago that when you are raising three boys you’re better off spending more to get the heavy duty appliances. Ours were usually one step below commercial grade; otherwise, we would be buying a new washer after about every other year.

I guess the boys were about 4, 8, and 12 years old and we had been married for about 16 years. It was Sunday and we went straight from church to Darrell’s Restaurant for lunch, as we often did. Over lunch my wife and I discussed the need for a new washer and drier and decided to begin the search. About the only place open on a Sunday afternoon was Sears, so, already wearing our Sunday best, we left the restaurant and went straight to Northgate Mall.

For young boys there is nothing very exciting about shopping for appliances. But, I’ll go on record as saying we had the best kids in the world. Our boys were always polite. They treated others, especially adults, with respect. We raised them to say “yes, sir” and “no, maam”. We didn’t spend a great deal of time looking at appliances, but the boys were patient and very good, as always, throughout the entire ordeal.

After we had seen what we needed to see and were leaving the store, our eight year old son, Eric, held the door open for us to leave. He saw a customer approaching behind us, who was carrying a large box containing a micro-wave oven. I was proud to look back and see him as he continued to hold the door for the customer, who appeared to be in quite a hurry. As soon as the customer cleared the door, Eric was about to let the door close when he noticed another man rushing his way, so he continued holding the door. Turns out this other man was one of the store managers who was giving chase to the man carrying the microwave oven. Eric found himself in the middle of a crime and had no idea he had just helped a thief make his getaway. He went to school the next day with a new term in his vocabulary—aiding and abetting.


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7 01 2012
Kristel Mansir

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10 01 2012
Bill Taylor

Thank you very much, Kristel. I’m glad you enjoy my site.

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