Hurricane Supplies

9 10 2016

How do you spell “hurricane?” Well it seems that folks around here spell it s-n-o-w. Let me explain.


Around these parts if you even mention the word snow, word spreads faster than a cup of coffee through the plumbing.082611-bloom-bread-isle-empty   Before you can say, “Did he say snow tonight?” every loaf of bread and every container of milk has flown off of the shelves. It’s like people think that snow will scare all the cows from ever giving another drop of milk so they have to scarf up all they can before it runs out. When I was a kid, I would envision people sitting around the house during a snow storm eating bread and chugging milk. Why is it they don’t clear the shelves of peanut butter and pimento cheese? What are these snowbound Southerners doing with all that bread and no spreads to put on it? Truth is, no one understands this bread and milk obsession. I guess it’s just a tradition. 020111snow7


Hurricane’s A-Comin’

Well, today is the 8th of October so we’re still a couple of months away from snow season;  but, we are still in the hurricane season and Hurricane Matthew is churning his way up the North Carolina coast, dumping a tremendous amount of rain here in the Durham area.


This morning, I went to do the grocery shopping. My wife tried to encourage me to wait until tomorrow when the weather is supposed to be nice, but I wanted no part of that. “Why”, she asked, “would you want to go out in this rain?” First, as long as it isn’t cold, I don’t mind the rain. Second, I like to get it done and get the task behind me. Besides, I was thinking the crowds should be light since no one in his or her right mind would go out in this weather. They’ll all put off shopping until tomorrow when the sun will be shining, I thought. I know… I know…but, I never claimed to be in my right mind.  I figured, I would pretty much have the store aisles to myself and my pick of checkout lanes.  Well, when I first got there it wasn’t too bad; but, as I was shopping, I began to notice the crowd size increasing. And they didn’t seem like your normal Saturday shoppers. There weren’t any couponers with their volumes of coupons stretched out across the carts. Also, I was able to discern several foreign accents… Boston, Brooklyn and a few I didn’t recognize. People, Yankees and Southerners alike, seemed to just wander the aisles like zombies wondering, where’s the milk. Many didn’t seem to belong there. By the time I got to the milk case, there were only a handful of milk containers left. What…did someone say snow?


I got through checkout and made my way toward the door only to come up behind a crowd too afraid to step out into 17dce653ed1b9d819fa1c160c05f0494the rain. They were just crowding inside the door and I had to fight my way through. Come on, folks. It’s just a little water. If you didn’t want to get wet then why did you come to the store in the middle of a hurricane in the first place? Oh, I know…to get your milk and bread. I will admit it was raining much harder than when I first got there, so I just excused myself past the crowd and back stroked my way to the car, along with my bread and milk. 





2 responses

26 10 2016

We don’t have any snow here….

28 10 2016
Bill Taylor

I hope for your sake it stays that way. But if you hear someone say snow, don’t put it off. Get to the store and get your milk and bread.

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