When Did They Stop Teaching English?

13 03 2016

One of my pet peeves is the incorrect use of the personal pronouns, I and me. The misuse of these two words is so commonplace today, it has made me wonder if they have stopped teaching it in school. But, then, if they did, they stopped a long time ago because I hear people as old as I use them incorrectly. And, I’m not talking about uneducated or backwoods people, either. I see it in people from all walks of life. Highly educated public figures, politicians, company executives, television broadcast journalists, PhDs, and co-workers…hardly a day goes by that I don’t hear someone violate the simple rule of I and me.


“Professor Whackentoad gave Tammy and I some advice on writing our dissertations.” Nope. That would be wrong, Brainiac. It’s Professor Whackentoad gave Tammy and me some advice on writing our dissertations.”


“Andy’s gonna pick Barney and I up to go fishn’.”


Sorry, Gomer, but that’s incorrect. It should be “Andy’s gonna pick Barney and me up to go fishn’.”


The rule is simple. Drop the other person and say the sentence as you would if you were the sole subject. You wouldn’t say, “Andy’s gonna pick I up to go fishn’.” But you would say, “Andy’s gonna pick me up to go fishn’.”


Or, you wouldn’t say “Me am gonna go fishn’ with Andj.” But, to be grammatically correct, you would say, “I am gonna go fishn’ with Andj.” Hence, “Barney and I are gonna go fishn’ with Andj.”


I know…I know. The grammatical purist is reading this and saying that in order to be grammatically correct, it should read, “Barney and I are going to go fishing with Andy.” It’s colloquial. I’ve told you before, I’m fluent in Southern. Besides, the lesson isn’t for grammatical purity, it’s for grammatical correctness. Not to be confused with political correctness. Have a good day!




2 responses

13 03 2016
Randy Fielding

Bill do you remember an ET3 Rick Herron from JA? He recently contacted me on Facebook. Said that he was on the island from Nov 74 to Nov 75.

13 03 2016
Bill Taylor

Name doesn’t ring a bell. I have a picture showing the short-timers board I made on which we moved our name cards up each month and his name isn’t on it. He must have come along after I left in early September. Hope you’re well, Randy! Roll Tide!

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