Oh No! I’ve Lost My Phone!

13 02 2016

Admit it. You’ve done stupid things. We all have. You, just like I, have done things only to look back and say, Boy that was dumb!


If you can’t think of anything, then allow me to help you.


How many times have you reached to pull your cell phone from its holder, your pocket or your purse, or wherever you normally carry it, while you were talking on your cell phone?


I was on a business trip to some far off land and, as usual, when I returned to my hotel room following dinner in a nearby restaurant, I pulled my cell phone from that annoying, yet essential, plastic holder attached to my belt to call my wife. As we spoke, she asked me if I had gotten a text she had sent me earlier in the day. Instinctively, I reached down toward my hip to grab my cell phone.


Now, had things stopped there, I would have probably been able to get away with that little mind cramp and my wife never would have known what stupid thing I had just done. But, no! I wasn’t satisfied to buy a cabbage from the “stupid farm”…I had to buy the entire farm!


Shift to Panic Mode!

My heart jumped into my throat as I panicked. After feeling the empty holder, I said to my wife, “I left my phone at the restaurant!”


“You what?” she asked.


“I left my phone at the restaurant! Either that, or it fell off somewhere. I have to go and see if I can find it!”


Now, I do have a reputation as a bit of a practical joker so I believe my wife’s initial thought was I was up to something. She never told me so but she had to be thinking, This can’t be real.


Finally, she said something like, “Maybe it’s on your ear.”


Suddenly, I realized where my phone was and we both had a good laugh.


Since then, I have come to learn that I’m not the only one who has done that. If that has happened to you then leave a comment to let me know I’m not the only one who has suffered such a momentary lapse of awareness. Maybe the studies are wrong after all-perhaps cell phones do affect the brain. I have to blame it on something.




6 responses

13 02 2016
Peggy ingram

It is good to know others have done that. It does make you feel stupid.

14 02 2016
Bill Taylor

Peggy, I think there are two kinds of cell phone users…those who have done this and those who will. thanks for commenting.

13 02 2016

Nope, never been there myself…

14 02 2016
Bill Taylor

Okay, Bud. Just a matter of time. All you need is a few more years on you!

11 07 2016
Amanda L Taylor

Catching up on emails I haven’t read and I had to let you know… you aren’t alone! I have done this with BOTH my cell phone and my sunglasses! I had been searching for my phone for about a half hour for my mom to finally laugh, very hard, and tell me I was on it with her. I was searching high and low for my sunglasses one day and I can’t remember who now but they reminded me they were on my head.

1 02 2017
Mike Fleming

My wife has done the same thing

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