A Call to Dooty!

7 02 2016

A Busy Time at a Busy Place

Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport (ATL) is the busiest airport in the world. By my estimation, in my travels, I have passed through ATL over 1,000 times. If you spend that much time in any public location, you’re bound to see some things out of the ordinary, from time to time. Last Friday morning was just such a time. I was standing at gate A-21, waiting to board my flight back home, as tons of people walked past. It was then I noticed a young woman walking toward me with a Yorkshire terrier on a leash. Accompanying her was an older woman, whom I surmised was her mother. She was walking a black Chihuahua

Please step aside. Can't hold it any longer!

Please step aside. Can’t hold it any longer!

(Thank you spell check!). As they got nearer to me, I was wondering what the airport rules were regarding pets. Turns out, unless they’re service dogs, they’re supposed to be in a kennel, such as the empty kennel the young lady carried over her arm like a purse. They were about 20 feet away from me when, ruh-rho, the yorkie decided to stop and do his business right there in the middle of the concourse!


Doggy See-Doggy Doo

I guess the Chihuahua must have been watching and thought it was a good idea because he, also, assumed the position. It didn’t occur to me right away; but, soon I realized I could get a picture. I had no idea why I might want one; but, I didn’t want to blow an opportunity like this. I’d figure out later how I could use the picture. Maybe I would use it as a meme to illustrate one of the many Obama failures; or, one of a plethora of Clinton scandals. I fumbled for my phone so I could capture this touching scene in pixels and share it with my friends and family. But, as it turns out, I didn’t need to rush as the two crapping k-nines just kept going and going like the Energizer bunny. These guys must have stopped at Denny’s for the grand slam breakfast on the way to the airport! The young woman had grabbed a handful of napkins and begun cleaning the mess up, but the dogs were dropping it faster than she could pick it up. It soon became clear that the poor pooches had no choice. They had to take a potty moment or risk exploding.


I Pity the Pooch!

Part of me tried to feel sorry for her; and, another part felt like she got what she had coming for being stupid enough to walk two nervous dogs through the busiest airport in the world, on the busiest travel day of the week, in violation of the rules. I really felt sorry for the dogs since the owner had made no plans to allow them relief time. What…did she expect them to hold it all the way from Amsterdam to Atlanta? Had she done a little planning, she would have known there are animal relief areas, with real grass, at the airport where pet owners can take their animals. Or at least she could have gotten them doggie diapers.


No, she’ll get no sympathy from me, but at least I found a way to use the picture. I’ve created a new word for the dictionary. You’ve heard terms like e-cig, texting, snapchat, photobomb, and others. I call this pixel-pooping. So, put that in your Funk & Wagnalls, and please pass the Charmin.





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