The Eye: The Lamp to the Body

1 11 2015
Deck Prism

Deck Prism

In the days of wooden ships, before electric lights were introduced to the maritime industry, light below decks was provided by the live flame of candles and oil lamps. Naturally, aboard a wooden ship, this was a dangerous practice. So, ship builders employed the deck prism as a means of providing safe natural light below deck. The deck prism was a prismatic lens installed into the top deck of a ship which would cast refracted light into the spaces below deck. In the dark of night, the deck prism was of little value.


The first order of business on the first day in history was to speak light into being. There was no light until God commanded it to be so. And God said the light was good. Throughout Scripture, light is used to exemplify good and provide us with spiritual vision. Without the light, we are unable to see the glory of God. Our focus, instead, will be on the pleasures of the world.


In Luke 11:34, Jesus tells us the lamp of the body is the eye. A clear eye gives us good spiritual insight and understanding. Otherwise, if the eye is not clear, our vision of God is clouded. Worldly temptations, anger, grudges and pride are but a few of the things which can block our vision of God and how He wants us to live our lives. Like the deck prism, if all the eye sees is dark, there is no light within to enable us to see Christ’s presence. But, if our eye is clear with a focus on God, we see the goodness of God and the body will be filled with the radiance of His presence.




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