Internet Recipes…Yech!

17 05 2015

My wife has sworn off Pinterest. Her sole reason for joining was for the recipes; and, while we have tried several, so far we haven’t found one… not a single one, which we both like. In fact, most of them, neither of us has liked. Anytime you get a recipe from social media, be it Pinterest, Facebook or elsewhere, you are at the mercy of the taste of a stranger, and tastes vary as widely as opinions.


“Oh, you want a good steak, you need to go to Stinky’s Steaks. It’s over off the Interstate inside Big Roy’s Truck Stop. But if ya go there, be sure to eat outside ‘cause the smell of bug spray inside is strong enough to gag a maggot.”


People post their favorite recipes on Pinterest or Facebook and rave about how simple, yet wonderfully delicious, they are. Well, the dish might be good to the poster, but that doesn’t mean others will like it. As I said, it’s a matter of taste.


Well, currently, my wife is dealing with some health issues and finds herself in a position of total dependence on me. I do all of the laundry, shopping, and cooking. And, bless her heart, she does everything she can to lessen my burden. One thing she has been doing is scouring social media for recipes she thinks we may like, but particularly, those that will be simple for me to cook.


The most recent was a dish that seems to be very popular. It really is easy to prepare. You put boneless chicken breast, green beans and red potatoes in a dish and dust it down with Zesty Italian dressing mix and then drizzle the whole shoot’n match with butter. Then, you throw it in a 350 degree oven for a while.


She enjoyed this dish, but personally, I didn’t care much for it. Actually, that’s an understatement. I like my garlic to play a supporting role and not take center stage. The garlic in the dressing mix was too strong for my taste. It stunk up the house and I find the smell as offensive as the strong taste.


A-1 to the Rescue

Back when I was in the Coast Guard, while stationed at Elizabeth City, North Carolina, I learned a valuable lesson…A-1 Steak Sauce can make anything palatable.


I had the duty, which meant I had to spend the night on base as a member of the ready C-130 crew. The offerings in the mess hall that evening were slim. Liver! Of all the things I don’t like, liver is near the top of the list; but, that night I was particularly hungry. So, I got a piece of liver and tasted it. It was every bit as bad as I expected it to be. There was a bottle of A-1 on the table, so I gave the liver an A-1 bath and gave it another try. This time, I decided I could eat it. Since then, if there is anything I don’t care for, I’ll put enough A-1 on it to mask the taste and I’m good to go.


Well, even though my bean-chicken-potato bake was a simple dish to prepare, I had invested too much in parts and labor to just shove it down the disposal. Besides, I was hungry. I then decided it was A-1 time. Sure enough, it was tasty enough that I was able to clean my plate.


Ahhh...My Culinary Hero!

Ahhh…My Culinary Hero!

So, no more Internet recipes for us. But just in case, I’ll keep the A-1 close by.




2 responses

17 05 2015
Janet robinson

Hey cuz…. Nothing like granny’s and your mama’s cooking is there?
Sorry that Carolyn is having health issues. Will she get better?
We’re having a 45 year class reunion on October 10 hope you and Carolyn can make it.
Have s great week. I know I will I’m at the beach place until the Tuesday after memorial day.

18 05 2015
Bill Taylor

She should get better but we’re probably looking at a couple of surgeries so it’ll be a while. I’ll be in Wilson tomorrow and Wednesday working with two different clients. Have a great time at the beach.

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