Saved by Mercy

10 11 2014

Scripture makes it clear that God saved us by His mercy, and not as a result of anything we did, or can do (Titus 3:4-5). Why do you suppose He did that? Why would God send His son to endure humiliation, torture and an agonizing death for people who, by their very nature, go against all that God stands for? God hates sin. We are sinful. Yet, He still offered His son as a sacrificial lamb.


Jesus didn’t look down from the cross at his murderers and think, This is NOT for you. To the contrary… He asked God to forgive them because He realized they had no idea they had just killed their Savior, the Savior of the World. This is really a measure of God’s love for us. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends (John 15:13).


Back to my original question: Why do you suppose He did that? I have the following 5 reasons to offer in answer to that question:

  1. He wants us to be dependent on Him. After all, we are not only His creation, we are His children. As parents, we want our children to be dependent on us and to recognize that dependence. We want them to know that we are their sustenance and provider. It is this dependence that builds bonds of love, and there is nothing God wants more than for His children to love Him.
  2. If we could make it to heaven on our own merits, our love for Him would be diluted. We would realize our own superiority and would have other things and persons (i.e. self) which we would love more. Thou shall have no other gods before Me.(Exodus 20:3)
  3. No one can be that good. Imagine what it would take to balance the scale with the Crucifixion on one side and our sinful actions on the other. We could never move the scale.
  4. If we could gain entry into heaven and the presence of God by our own good deeds, our good deeds would quickly be negated by the sin of pride.
  5. Finally, He loves us that much. Plain and simple.

Sadly, there are lots of people who are of the misunderstanding that all they have to do is be good people and do good things and their deeds will get them into heaven. Sorry, good-hearted people, but it doesn’t work that way. Actually, God has made it even easier than that. He has already provided us with the key to heaven and eternal life. All we have to do is accept it by confessing our sins and making God number one in our lives.


I know some of my followers and regular readers might be thinking this looks like a familiar post. Yes, I did post something on this topic a while back when Michael Bloomberg decided he had bought his way into heaven without so much as an interview, but I can’t help what God sends my way. Besides, there may be some who never saw my post KNOWING God.  If you happen to see any of them feel free to pass this on.




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