21 09 2014

At 62, I still don’t consider myself to be an old man; but, I’ve begun to notice that more often, I find myself to be the oldest one in the room. With age comes several things-your memory, like your muscles begins to weaken. You begin to lose, among other things, that perfect eyesight you always enjoyed. But it’s not all bad. If you’ve been paying attention, you realize you have acquired a little bit of wisdom along the way.

In my quiet time lately, I’ve been reading from Proverbs and the Wisdom of Solomon. What an amazing character. Wouldn’t it be great to have the kind of wisdom that Solomon had? It got me to thinking how great it would be if we were born with the Wisdom of Solomon. But wisdom is not an innate gift we bring into this life. It is something that is acquired over time. We learn, through a lifetime of experiences, good and bad. Hopefully, we learn from our mistakes so we don’t repeat those mistakes. Wisdom is cultivated. It’s something we have to work at. We should ask God for wisdom and follow the examples of Jesus.

Well, looking back on my life, I realize there are things I would like to have done differently, but we don’t get do-overs. I can’t go back and correct my mistakes or do things I wish I had done. What I can do, however, is share some things I have learned. That said; I would like to share the following, particularly for my three sons.

  1. Love the Lord. Thank Him every day for your families. Never be afraid to let your wives or kids see you worship.
  2. Pray with your families. Establish a time during which you can share a verse of Scripture and pray together. You are the Spiritual leaders of your families, so lead!
  3. Establish your own quiet time and read Scripture every day. Think about what you read and apply it to your lives. Encourage your families to do likewise.
  4. Be patient with your wives. Savor every minute you have together and love her like the precious jewel she is. She is one of the many gifts God has given you, so value her.
  5. Guard your speech and don’t say hurtful things. You don’t get yesterday back and you can’t re-call your words.
  6. Be patient with your children. Time is a precious and fleeting commodity so enjoy every opportunity you get to spend with them, even when it’s hard to do so. Tomorrow, you’ll be heart-broken when they head off for college and you’ll yearn for the days when they would climb into your lap and give you a big hug. Exercise cautious and appropriate discipline, but don’t sweat the small stuff. Spilled milk is no more than spilled milk. There’s no lesson to be learned from punishing a child for accidentally knocking over a glass.
  7. Make time to do things together as a family. You’re building memories, but more importantly, you’re building relationships, whether going on vacation or just out for pizza.
  8. Take advantage of every opportunity to help others. Each of you has been blessed in so many ways. Use your gifts, your time and your money to help others. Many times you’ll only get one shot. Don’t blow it.

I don’t know that I have told you anything you didn’t already know but, hey, I’m only 62-my wisdom can only go so deep. But, I will say this; a perfect life is one on which you can reflect and have no regrets. Only One has ever had a perfect life. The rest of us can only try harder to grow in wisdom and try our best to minimize and learn from our mistakes. Don’t live to satisfy your own desires but live to please the Spirit (Galatians 6:8). You’ll find a richer and more fulfilling life. With Love, Daddy/Pop




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21 09 2014
Jackie Garner

Amen little Brother

21 09 2014
Bill Taylor

Life can be painful, huh, Lolli? Hope you and Larebear are well.

21 09 2014
Marc Smith-TSAP

Bill, I too am 62 and your writing touched my heart. You are so right and YOUR wisdom shows. Thanks.

………………………………… Marc Smith The S*M*I*T*H Architectural Practice Tel: 919.477.9824

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21 09 2014
Bill Taylor

Thanks so much, Marc. It means a lot to me when I get feedback from readers, especially those whom I know and respect. Hey to JoAnn.

22 09 2014
Sherry Wilkins

Beautiful and true Bill! If only…… but can’t use too much time looking back for very long, have to make the most of “now”. I’m getting old! Lol!
However, sharing these words will hopefully inspire others to do a better job with their time and their families while they are still young enough! There are many times I wish I could go back and fix all my mistakes, but I will have to settle for being someone else’s inspiration, someone else’s lesson! Thanks for your insightful words of wisdom. Hello to your sweet wife! Love you guys and miss you!
Sherry Wilkins

22 09 2014
Bill Taylor

You’re right, Sherry…we don’t want to waste the present dwelling on the past. We’ve learned how fleeting time can be. I am finding that sharing what little I know with those who can benefit from it can be a bit therapeutic. At least it gives me the feeling that something good can come from my mistakes or my “if only I haddas.” Thanks for commenting.

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