Tina’s Demise

9 09 2014

If you haven’t already done so, I would invite you to go back to a story I posted on April 1, 2011 titled Tina’s Barbecue-The Pride of Ghent. The story describes my first experience at Tina’s back in 2004 and the unorthodox kitchen accoutrements. I believe you’ll enjoy the story.


Well, last week, I returned to Carrollton, Kentucky, a small town about 50 miles northeast of Louisville, and just down the road from Ghent. In the days leading up to my trip, I eagerly anticipated returning to Tina’s for dinner on Wednesday evening. And, if it was as good as it was the last time I ate there then I would return on Thursday as well. I figured the baby has gotten out of diapers by now so the kitchen would be cleaner. Just the dogs to worry about.


I was meeting with my contact at the plant where I was working and happened to mention Tina’s.


“Oh,” he said, “Tina’s closed down.”


What?! Tina’s has closed?! Say it ain’t so! I was dumbfounded. “What happened?” I asked.


I’m not sure exactly what it was that led to the restaurant’s demise. My contact suggested it may have had something to do with an inability to obtain a liquor license but I’m more inclined to believe it had something to do with her nomadic tendencies. I understand, over the last years of existence, the restaurant had moved around a lot and had occupied more real estate than a boot on a Monopoly board. But the bottom line is; Tina’s is no more. As they say in Malawi, “it is finished.”


So I asked my contact, a young thirty something engineer, where he goes when he wants to go out to eat.


“Louisville!” he said without hesitation.


Well, I wasn’t up for driving all the way back to Louisville so I decided to risk the local fare. The first night I had Italian and the second and final night in town, I had Mexican-both recommendations from the hotel staff. I decided it may have been worth the drive after all. So, if you ever go to Ghent or Carrollton-pack a lunch.




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