It’s Just a Pile of Lego!

27 07 2014

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”-Genesis 1:1


Having raised three boys, we have acquired tons of Lego over the years. When they were young, I would sit on the floor with our sons, building projects until my crossed legs were drained of blood and would no longer function. The second best thing about Lego is, you can really get fancy and build about anything you want. The best thing about Lego is, it doesn’t build itself. That’s the joy. It’s the creating. The designing. The building. The quality time with your kids.

It's just a pile of Leg!

It’s just a pile of Leg!


It’s a known fact that a pile of Lego blocks can lie on the floor for a bazillion years, and at the end of a bazillion years, you’ll still have a pile of Lego blocks. Nothing will ever come of that pile. Nothing will be built with those blocks. That pile will never materialize or evolve into a truck or robot on its own. It takes a builder, a creator. Few rational-thinking people over the age of three would argue that fact.


So, why would a rational-thinking person over the age of three believe that from nothing came an infinitely dense matter that evolved into the Universe and an intelligent being? Where did the infinitely dense matter, known as a singularity, come from?


No caption needed

No caption needed

Oh, I get it. How could a rational-thinking person over the age of three believe there is a Supreme Being Who actually spoke the universe into existence? Why is it any easier to believe that one day absolutely nothing existed; and then there was a rapid, spontaneous expansion that became our Universe?


While it is possible to make order from chaos, order cannot make itself.


The truth is, when you don’t want to believe something, you’ll grasp at anything to prove it wrong and wind up believing in anything. Many people, for various reasons, refuse to believe in a Higher Power. They refuse to accept the fact that there is anything beyond a finite world which was spoken into existence by a Master Builder who will return one day to claim His children and conquer sin forever.


It’s A Matter of Faith

Recently, I was watching one of my favorite movies, the 1970 classic, Airport. Late in the movie, Barry Nelson and Dean Martin are piloting their wounded Boeing 707 to an emergency landing in a blinding snow storm. All they could see, as they looked through the windshield, was snow and dark. Somewhere down and ahead was a runway. As they approached the runway, following instructions from air traffic control, they were completely reliant on his instructions and his skill as a controller. I thought about the faith they must have in this person to enable them to be confident that they are indeed heading straight for a runway which they are unable to see.


In the same way, those of us who have accepted Christ are also heading toward a safe landing on a runway which we cannot see. I know it’s there because I have the promise of my Creator that He will get me there, and I have full confidence in that promise. That said, why would I doubt what He has told me in Scripture? I have every reason to believe that what I have read in the Bible is true…that includes how He created this world and all that is in it. Non-believers have only a theory proposed by someone who is now dead.


Believe what you want, but God is real, His word is true and Lego will not assemble itself.




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27 07 2014
Jackie Garner


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