The Hot Spot

20 07 2014

When I was growing up, a hot spot was a place where one would go to satisfy their vices- a den of iniquity. Patrons could usually find alcohol, very friendly women and, perhaps, a pool table. Of course, I was too young to have any such vices; although, I always did enjoy a game of eight-ball.


Well, more recently, I have heard the term hot spot thrown about. Although I wasn’t fully understanding of its meaning, I knew it had something to do with connecting to the Internet while in a remote location, such as Starbucks or Uncle Zeb’s General Store. What I did not realize was that I could have my own personal hot spot, which would give me Internet access wherever I go. No longer would I have to seek out a location that provided a hot spot.


I was informed about this technological miracle, recently, when I was asked to participate in a webinar. The only problem was I would be traveling and would not have access to the Internet, enabling me to present my PowerPoint presentation to the group. That’s when our VP of marketing hooked me up with our IT genius, who helped me set up my own hot spot.


Wow! Now, I can be anywhere and get on-line. I felt so proud of myself after successfully getting it set up, and then using it the first time (albeit, with a little help from my friends). But then it occurred to me, that this “major feat” was so simple a cave man could do it. Suddenly, my pride balloon deflated.


Be that as it may, through the wonders of modern technology, one can now go to a hot spot, and over a Mason jar of moonshine, can set up his own hot spot and go on line…maybe to locate a better hot spot… one with a pool table, perhaps.




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