7 07 2014

My wife and I were enriching our minds while watching The Five on Fox News Channel, when a sloppily dressed young lady carrying a clipboard came walking up our sidewalk. I say sloppily dressed because she looked more like she was dressed to go to a rock concert than go door-to-door on a solicitation adventure. Her hair looked like she had just climbed off a motorcycle in South Carolina where they don’t have a helmet law.

When I met her at the door, I could see she was wearing a tee-shirt with a big blue “ACLU” emblazoned across the front. I reminded myself of the words of Jesus imploring me to love everyone and told myself to play nice. So, I opened the door and with a smile on my face, I greeted her as if she was the preacher or the FedEx guy delivering a package I’ve been waiting for.  She went into her reason for knocking on my door and She finally got around to her reason for pulling me away from Fox News. Turns out she was asking for donations in the ACLU’s attempt to overturn the North Carolina voting rights law.

When she got to the money part, I simply said, with a smile on my face, “No.”

“You support the law?” she asked.

“Yes.” [with a smile]

“Do you not support the ACLU?”

“No.” [Still smiling]

“Okay. Thank you.” she politely said.

As she began walking back down the sidewalk, I simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask her if she would like to come inside and watch Fox News with me. Funny, she declined my offer. I guess she must be caught up on current events.




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