Say, She Looks Familiar

31 03 2014

"Drop, drop, drop."

“Drop, drop, drop.”

One of the many responsibilities of the United States Coast Guard is International Ice Patrol. During the ice season, which runs from February through August, a Coast Guard C-130 crew stationed in Elizabeth City, North Carolina will fly out of St. Johns Newfoundland for two week stretches to track the flow of ice bergs into the shipping channels.


As with anything, there were some guys who just didn’t want to go; and then, there were others who would rather go on ice patrol than eat when they were hungry. Some, particularly some of the young single guys, took full advantage of the night-life, including becoming familiar with some of the local ladies.


One particular young man was one of those who, if allowed, would spend the entire ice season in St Johns. He, apparently, had developed quite a relationship with one of the local gals and during one trip decided it was time to make it permanent. He proposed, she accepted and then he got permission from the aircraft commander to leave the crew at the end of the trip and return to Elizabeth City with his new bride. After the long drive down from Newfoundland, they arrived in Elizabeth City. That night he took his love to the base and the enlisted men’s club. It being a Friday, there were a number of off duty Coasties there with their wives or girlfriends. As the newlyweds made their appearance inside the club, about half the guys there jumped up and ran for the back door. Apparently, she had been quite the popular St Johnian!





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