Believing History

19 02 2014

Most of us remember, well, the tragedies that occurred on September 11, 2001. We sat by the television as we watched the events unfold. It was so real to us because we actually saw it happen. Our lives were impacted by the attacks and it made a lasting impression. However, a day will come when that tragic day will be a distant memory, but no less real for all of us. And, it won’t be long before our generation, and then the next, will be gone and 9/11 will be no more than an event recorded in history books… much like Pearl Harbor, the Civil War and the moment Christopher Columbus first laid eyes on the “New World.” Our great, great grandchildren will know 9/11 occurred but it will not be as real to them because they, unlike us, will not have actually witnessed the crashing planes and falling buildings.

Through well documented evidence, our generation knows the details of the assassination of President Lincoln; but, we don’t feel the impact that we did, and still do, over the assassination of President Kennedy. President Lincoln simply was not a part of our lives, whereas Kennedy was and we were witness to his killing.

Maybe that’s the reason it is so hard for so many people to accept the true story of Christ. Those who knew Jesus knew of His teaching. They saw the miracles He performed and, sadly, were witness to the reality of His execution. For them it was as real as anything we have seen in our lives.

Because it happened over two-thousand years ago, it is sometimes hard to realize that Jesus gave His life in the way He did, and for the reason He did, in spite of documented evidence. But the story is true, nonetheless. Since we weren’t there to witness the crucifixion, it doesn’t have the same impact as events we have witnessed. Time dilutes the reality of events and Jesus’ sacrifice is so far removed from present day that it makes it hard to see it as a real event. But make no mistake; it was real.

The more we know of the details of His life, ministry and death and the more time we spend with Him in Bible study and prayer, the greater our passion and the easier it is to know the reality of the Cross.




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