Bicycle For Sale

1 02 2014

One day last week, I got into my car to begin my trek home from the office. Cruising down Interstate 40, I noticed the outside temperature was 25 degrees. That’s cold! As I continued on, somewhere between 65 and 70 mph, I came alongside a car that caught my attention. I noticed the car was hardly large enough to accommodate a bicycle which was crammed into the back seat. The driver was hunched forward over the steering wheel with the hood of his heavy winter coat pulled over his head, the draw-string pulled and tied tight enough to encircle his face leaving just enough opening to allow him to see where he was going. What got my attention was the fact he was driving a convertible and had the top down. Dude, it’s 25 degrees! The chill factor at that speed must have been something like 1,500 below zero! Seeing this, I could only surmise that:

a)      The top wouldn’t work and he was unable to raise it; or

b)      The bike was so big that the top wouldn’t fit over it; or

c)      He was a nut.

I’m going with nut.




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