Our Warped Sense of Tolerance

13 10 2013

I know there is plenty to complain about right now with the government shutdown, an anemic congress, a socialist president forcing his ideology on a clueless nation; but these and other issues are the results of society in a fast downward spiral. One day you’ll realize just how bad things have gotten, and you’ll tell your grandchildren that America was a really great place, and then they cancelled The Donna Reed Show.


I was working at home while my wife was watching some silly talk show, The Talk. One of the guests on this particular episode was Jason Priestly. Don’t ask me who he is because I haven’t a clue. All I know is that he’s an actor. Anyway, they showed a clip from a show he does on HBO in which his character is described as a foul-mouthed, womanizing used car salesman with a new baby. In the clip, he had the infant in a carrier on top of a table or bar. As he poured himself a drink, he handed the child what appeared to be a cigarette and uttered several expletives which had to be bleeped for network TV. Later, while discussing the snippet with the cast of The Talk, he was quick to point out, when questioned, that the cigarette was not a real cigarette. That was the only concern the hostesses seemed to have.


Say Anything You Wish Just Don’t Light Up!

Priestly, whose character in this show, is a smoker, spoke of his real life 6-year-old daughter asking him why he smoked in the show. Wait a minute-you mean to say you allow your 6-year-old child to watch this show, which is rated for mature audiences, with nudity, language and adult situations? But, I found it interesting that the hostesses of The Talk seemed to have no concern whatsoever about the fact that he had used such foul language in the presence of the child; language which is not bleeped as his 6-year-old daughter watches on HBO.


While smoking has become the bane of society, vulgarities, including language, have become socially acceptable. This is due, in no small part, to the television and movie producers, actors and sensors who lost their moral compass decades ago. They will bleep “fag” in the name of political correctness, yet allow the frequent use of God’s name in an irreverent way.


One might argue that the child in the HBO program was just an infant. True, but studies have shown that infants learn to recognize the familiar voices of their parents before birth. A fetus discovers her thumb while still in the womb and learns the comforting tranquility of sucking. In other words, the learning process begins in the womb, provided some life-taking abortionist hasn’t ended his life prematurely. And there’s no question that a 6-year-old child is absorbing everything her actor-father does and says.


Shame on Jason Priestly and those responsible for exposing the infant to these shameless acts. Shame on the cast of The Talk for failing to recognize the real problem and challenge his revelation that he allows his child to watch this show. And shame on us all for allowing the devolution of America by giving our silent consent that these types of acts are acceptable. What a warped sense of tolerance we have.




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