Biblical? You Ain’t Seen Nuth’n Yet

18 09 2013

While standing in the grocery store last weekend, waiting for my wife to finish another conversation, I noticed the headlines on the USA Today. “Biblical Rains Flood Colorado”. Ha! Of course, I wasn’t there, but I have read about the Great Flood in the book of Genesis. Now that was a flood of Biblical proportions.

Now that's Biblical

Now that’s Biblical

The news tells the story-flooding has been extraordinarily bad in Colorado the past few days, but give me a break; it hasn’t come close to Biblical.

Not long after Noah finished loading the menagerie aboard the ark, it began to rain. And the rain continued to pour down day and night with an unrelenting force. The ground opened and water gushed from the earth. The rain continued for 40 days and 40 nights until the water stood about 23 feet above the tallest mountains.

The flooding in Colorado has been devastating. People have died. People have lost everything they owned. It has impacted the environment. But to compare it to the Great Flood is like saying the NSA has tapped into a few phone calls.

You people of the press think Colorado’s flooding has been Biblical? You haven’t seen Biblical. But you will one day-not a flood-but you’ll see Biblical.




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19 09 2013


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