Celebrating Dooty

13 07 2013

My youngest granddaughter reached a milestone yesterday when she had her first successful poop in the potty. Though not a milestone she’ll

It's potty time!

It’s potty time!

celebrate such as reaching teen-hood on her thirteenth birthday or graduating from college, it is a milestone nonetheless; one her parents can celebrate. The sad thing about it is she’s too young to appreciate the meaning of that new-found skill. Imagine the joy she would feel if she could realize the full impact of no more poopy diapers. Imagine the exuberance she would experience if she could see how this will enhance her social life. So while my wife and I Face-Timed lavish praise for this life-accomplishment, which is sure to save her from a lifetime of embarrassment, I was inspired to take a major step of progress of my own.

I had written my latest blog post and was planning to post it later last night, but wanted to insert a link taking my readers to a YouTube video so they could hear the song Sukiyaki. Back in March, I was happier than that Geico camel on hump day when I figured out how to insert video (see No Do-Overs posted on March 17, 2013) into my post. But a link, although I was sure would be simple, as simple as pooping in the potty, was still something new to me. Only Graecyn can imagine the pride I felt when I figured out how to do it and actually saw it work. To those of a later generation, such as my kids, it’s hard for you to realize the sense of accomplishment that comes with reaching a computer milestone, even one as elementary as inserting a link into a blog post. To my generation that’s as good as it gets. That said, if you didn’t click on the link when you read the previous post, Made in Japan, then do me a favor and do it. After all, you’re the reason I put it there. Besides, it’s really a great song.

A Great Song
That brings up another issue. I told my wife last night, during my moment of victory, that Sukiyaki was one of my favorite songs of all time. I

The computing geezer's best friend. Get your copy today!

The computing geezer’s best friend. Get your copy today!

can hear some of you now with the same thought that my wife voiced last night…”why?!”

I enjoy the voice of Kyu Sakamoto. I love the orchestral sounds. It’s soothing. It’s relaxing. It’s nostalgic. It reminds me of a different age; a time when you didn’t have to lock your doors. It was A Christmas Story-like time when you could leave your keys in the car while you went from store to store doing your Christmas shopping. A kid could mount his or her bicycle and ride across town without fear of being kidnapped. It was a time when a computer filled a room, a mouse was cat prey and a link was a single element of a chain. Yes, by today’s standards, it was a bit archaic but that’s what makes it so exciting. My generation didn’t grow up with the computer so we find the technology exciting and challenging and even minor accomplishments are major victories as rewarding as moving from diapers to big-boy, or should I say big-girl pants.




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