God Truly Does Work in Mysterious Ways!

24 04 2013

In the ninth chapter of John, Jesus saw a blind man. His disciples asked who sinned that this man should be born blind. A common belief among Jews was that if someone was met with tragedy, it was a result of someone’s sin. Jesus, in verse three, explained the man had been born blind, not because of anyone’s sin but so “the works of God might be displayed in him.”

I found this to be an interesting statement. God caused this man to be born blind so Jesus could one day demonstrate the power of God by healing his blindness. On the surface that seems cruel, to allow a child to be born blind and spend his life unable to see, just so Jesus could come along later and heal him. But, then, think about what happened as a result of Jesus healing the man. The man gained his sight and salvation on the same day. I don’t know that anyone can imagine the elation this man must have felt.

The story doesn’t end there. The man went about sharing his story with others, including many prominent men who had, up to that point, been enemies of Jesus. As a result of this miracle, many people who may otherwise not have accepted Jesus as the Messiah, gained salvation and eternal life. There is no way of knowing how many people have been saved over the generations as a result of that single event.

As it turns out, a few years of blindness was a small price to pay for the saving of untold many souls. God truly does work in mysterious ways.




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