Getting Old

3 04 2013

Age sneaks up on you. One day you’re running across a field shagging fly balls with your sons and before you can say senior citizen’s discount, you find yourself moving a lot slower from the bed to the shower each morning. They say sixty is the new forty. Well, I’m sixty years old, nearly sixty-one, and I can say that I did not feel this way at forty. While I’m not at all sensitive about my age, I have come to realize that we don’t usually see ourselves the way the world sees us. If you are one who cares and you really want a true picture, you won’t find it in the mirror because in the mirror, good or bad, you see what you want to see. Instead, you have to see yourself through the eyes of others. Since you can’t see through their eyes, you listen, instead, to their words, like a blind person listens intently as a sighted person describes a sunset.
I was teaching a class last week in Florida and one of the students, a young lady who appeared to be younger than at least two of my three kids, was telling me a story about something. I can’t remember what it was. (There’s your first clue you’re getting old-bad memory). Her story started out, “These really old people, no offense, were…” That’s all I remember about her story. After “no offense” she lost me; not because it bothered me but because I realized I could see myself through her eyes. No offense taken. In fact, I thought it was funny and my first thought was… blog post!! mirror-mirror-on-the-wall-kres53jz-161720-500-326

What are other ways you can tell you’re getting old? You might be getting old if:
• It takes longer to rest than it did to get tired.
• You go from the den to the bedroom and forget why you went to the bedroom so you retrace your steps and forget why you returned to the den (when I get up to leave the room I try to remember to tell my wife where I’m going and why so she can remind me when I forget)
• Your belt begins to rub blisters under your armpits
• You never finish a story because you always forget the ending
• You know the words to any Tennessee Ernie Ford song
• You know who Tennessee Ernie Ford is mirror-mirror-on-the-wall-229t
• You have to get your body rocking forward to get off the couch
• You know the meaning of vertical hold and can remember getting off the couch to adjust it
• You’ve ever used a fake ID to get into a movie
• Young people tell stories about really old people and ask you not to take offense




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