Easter-The Truth

31 03 2013

I wonder what would have happened if main stream media had been around to report the events that took place at Jesus’ crucifixion. Here is how I believe it might have been reported.crucifixion-top-view

“Good evening and welcome to the RBS evening news. I am Dan reporting to you tonight from our studio in Rome.”

“Our top story this evening comes from Judea and the City of Jerusalem where Roman soldiers have executed a man, who for about three years now, has been going around claiming to be the Son of God. With that story, we switch you over to Sarah, reporting from our RBS affiliate in Jerusalem.”

[Sarah] “Thank you, Dan. This is Sarah reporting to you live from Jerusalem where we have just witnessed an interesting chain of events, including the execution of a man known as Jesus. He is considered by many to be a rabble-rouser, claiming to be the Messiah, whom the Jews have predicted for hundreds of years will come, but strangely enough, had turned on him just within the past 24 hours. As near as we can tell, this man hasn’t violated any Roman laws, but has been found guilty on a number of charges under Jewish law; and, around the third hour, that’s 9 A.M. local time, they nailed him to a cross, along with two other criminals. Most of the crowd, which had gathered earlier, has dispersed; but, there are a few people still hanging around. I’m going to see if I can get up the hill and closer to the execution site and speak with some of the eye witnesses.”

“Sir, excuse me, I’m Sarah from RBS News, and I wonder if I could get a word from you about what you have witnessed this morning.”

[Witness] “No.”

[Sarah] “Well, Dan, obviously that man doesn’t want to speak with us and that’s understandable because there is a widespread fear among those who knew and followed this man that they might also be executed just because of their association with him. He was considered to be a polarizing figure.”

[Dan] “Sarah, you have been following this man for some time and probably know him as well as anyone. What can you tell us about him?”

[Sarah] “Well, Dan, what I can say is that he was an enigma. He claimed to be the Son of God and was constantly performing what many would consider miracles, but these things were so far out there… he must have been a charlatan.”

“He was best known for what many considered to be his acts of kindness. Hardly a day went by that he didn’t heal, or at least present the appearance of healing, someone. His problem was that he did this on the Sabbath, and that was his undoing, since this is against Jewish law. He was also very soft-spoken and loved children. This in itself has raised suspicions among many and some have speculated he may have even been a pedophile.”

[Dan] “Sarah, you sound skeptical regarding his ability to do some of these things.”

[Sarah] “Well, Dan, as you know, I’ve been on this beat a long time and I’ve seen some pretty strange things-things that are far too hard to believe. I saw this man distribute two fish and a couple of loaves of bread to satisfy the hunger of over 5,000 people. I saw this man, Jesus, tell a dead man to get up, and the man got up and walked away. Now, I take pride in my open-mindedness, but that was a little too much for even me to believe. A dead man? C’mon. You know, these Jews, especially those who followed this man Jesus, are notorious for tall tales. It reminds you of some of those old nursery rhymes they tell their children. Things like;

Moses, Moses raised his staff
and split the rolling sea in half.
And when the Jews were safely across
The sea closed in and the Egyptians were lost.”

“Or there is this one that has always been a child-favorite:

David was small but David was strong
And then one day a giant came along
And with his sling he threw a rock
Which killed that giant on the spot.”

“And just another example of their attempt to defraud is occurring at this very moment, Dan. It was right around noon when the sky grew as dark as night. It’s been that way now for about an hour and we don’t know how much longer it will go on; but many of those who were loyal to this man are claiming it is the work of God. It’s very similar, Dan, to that event that occurred over in Greece several years ago. I believe they called that a solar eclipse. I’m sure that’s what this is and it is completely unrelated to the execution that has occurred here today.”

“Dan, this man seemed harmless enough, but he was an instigator who wanted to change our way of life. It appears he was no more than a really good magician who wanted to grow the church, and this world will be better off without him. Some among the crowd that had gathered to view the execution have even said this man will rise from death in 3 days. Well, I plan to hang around just to see what happens. If he does, then surely that will be another of his parlor tricks and I plan to be here to report it.”

“I feel it is safe to say that his death will mark the end of this growing church movement and his so-called religion, and we can all return to life as usual. This is Sarah reporting from Jerusalem. Back to you, Dan.”

Reporting the Truth
Jesus, of course was the Son of God, in the flesh. He came to share the Good News but He came primarily, to serve as a sacrifice and with His life to pay our debt of sin. Thanks to Jesus’ sacrifice, all we have to do is accept Him and ask for forgiveness.

The single greatest moment man has ever known!

The single greatest moment man has ever known!

Today, Easter, is the greatest day in the history of mankind yet there are those who refuse to believe the things that took place. If Jesus never walked out of the tomb then this world is the best any of us could ever hope for. But He did, and for that reason, we have the opportunity to have eternal life. But there are many who not only refuse to believe but also want to kill the spread of the Good News of Christ. When you watch mainstream news or read your local newspaper, you are getting the information the way that reporter and that editor want you to get it, often tilted toward their own personal views and biases. Responsible journalism is accurate and unbiased. This seems to be a thing of the past. Pray for those who refuse to believe the story of Jesus. Pray for those who wish to ignore the wishes of Christians in their attempts to remove anything God-like from our lives in the name of political correctness. God warned us throughout Scripture about false teachers and false teachings. You can see it every day in the newspaper and on the evening news. The real truth is found in the Word.




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