The Boo Boo

30 03 2013

I’ve been meaning to add this story for some time but just haven’t gotten around to it until now.

It happened about three years ago when Abbie, our middle granddaughter, was three years old. My wife and I took Abbie and her older sister, Anna to Red Robin for dinner. We were seated in a booth near the front of the restaurant by the windows. As with many Red Robin restaurants, there were several carousel horses in the windows around us. There was one horse, in fact, right beside our booth.

Abbie was sitting beside my wife with her back to the nearest horse but she had spotted the horses and was fascinated by them. Looking around, she spotted one not six feet from where she was seated. She spun around in her seat to get a better look and was staring it right in the derriere. In

his or her effort to be realistic, the carver had created the horse with a strap across its backside. Abbie, however, didn’t see a strap. She saw a band-aid®. Pointing up at the horse, she said, “look, Nana, that horse has a boo-boo on his butt.”

A boo-boo on his butt!

A boo-boo on his butt!




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