Wake Up! Wake Up!

8 02 2013

My wife and I had the pleasure of dog-sitting again this past weekend for our youngest son and daughter-in-law. You remember Winston don’t you-the four-legged voyeur? (Oh No, He Saw Me Naked! Posted on 12/11/2012) Well, life is interesting whenever Winston is around.

When I took him outside at bedtime on Saturday night, the big dope was too scared to go off the deck into the dark until I stood outside on the deck where he could see me. He then sniffed every square inch of the back yard, while I stood there in the cold, but he never felt the need to relieve himself. Usually, all it takes is for him to hear the word “pee” and he wants to go outside. You say pappy’s pink pappoose within ear shot and he’ll be clawing a hole through the door.

I knew when I went to bed that he would be getting me up early to go outside; so I was not surprised when he stood at the side of the bed at 4:15 woofing to get me up. No big deal because I usually get up at that time. So, I got up and took him outside-again, waiting in the cold while standing on the deck waiting for him to find just the right spot.

When I came back inside, I decided to sleep a little more so instead of going back to bed, I laid down on the couch with an afghan over me and Winston on the floor right beside the couch. It was good sleep until 7:05 when I was awakened by something wet against my lips. I opened my eyes only to see Winston right in my face. At that range he looks like the grille of an F-150! I’ve had him on the walking end of a leash so I know he also has the pulling power of an F-150. Asleep or awake, life is never dull with Winston in the house.

A dead-ringer for Winston

A dead-ringer for Winston

Wake up! Woof!

Wake up! Woof!




2 responses

8 02 2013

I love that post! He is a big sissy… Always

10 02 2013
Bill Taylor

Yes, he is a sissy. But a good alarm clock if you have the stomach for it.

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