The Greatest Gift

18 12 2012

I hate to go so long without posting but in all honesty, my clients come first and while my days have been spent teaching clients’ employees about OSHA, my evenings have been devoted to writing reports for audits I conducted recently. That leaves very little time for recreational writing. But today I got up early feeling inspired and penned this story.


One of my favorite stories is found in the seventh chapter of Luke. I like it because it so clearly illustrates the most important promise of God-eternal life.


Shortly after beginning His ministry, Jesus was approaching a small village. He was followed, as usual, by His disciples and a large crowd of those who were enthralled by the stories He told and the miraculous things He did. Entering the village, He encountered a funeral procession, the funeral for a young boy. The boy was the only son of a woman who had already lost her husband and was now beyond child-bearing age. This meant she would never have any more children and would likely never remarry. With no son and no husband, she would have no means of support. She couldn’t just run down and get a job at the Seven-Eleven. Unless she had family who would be willing to take her in and care for her, she would probably wind up on the streets-a beggar. She would be utterly destitute.


Jesus saw her and took pity on her. He touched the bier and the boy’s life was restored and Jesus gave him back to his mother.


This young man was dead. There was nothing he could do to regain his life. There was nothing the mother or anyone else could do. It was only through the mercy and power of God that he lived again.


We are just as helpless, just as dead as this young man was. There is nothing we can do to save ourselves. Without the help of Jesus, through the power of God, our future was determined once Adam and Eve disobeyed God way back in Eden. At that very moment, we became doomed to a short life with no hereafter. Death would become our final chapter.


God saw our circumstances and took pity on us in the same way He did this widow when He gave her son new life. He gives us the opportunity for new life as well. All we have to do is accept it. That is what we call salvation and it is God’s gift to all mankind given to us by way of the cross. It is also the reason we celebrate Christmas.


That said, isn’t it amazing how many people consider stories such as this to be no more than the fictional product of the creative mind of some unknown writer who lived too long ago to really be of significance to us today. But the story, like that of the birth of Jesus, along with all other stories in God’s Word, is real. If you really want to give a friend a good Christmas present, share the story of Jesus.




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