A Conversation With Siri

5 12 2012

If you have an iPhone, then you probably know Siri. I have a Droid, so I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting her yet; but, I am still amazed by this personal helper from Apple. Anyway, I read this week where GM is planning to make Siri available in some of their cars. I gave this revelation a bit of thought and began to wonder what this might be like for drivers. I can envision a conversation between a driver and Siri sounding something like this:


Driver: Yo, Siri, I need gas. Where can I stop?

Siri: If you need gas there are several restaurants in your area including a Cracker Barrel.   There you can get a bowl of beans and steamed cabbage.

Driver: No, Siri, I already have gas. It’s the car that needs gas.

Siri: If you have gas, there are several pharmacies in your area where you can get Beano.

Driver: No, Siri. It’s not for me. It’s for the car.

Siri: Why would you give Beano to your car?

Driver: Not Beano. Gasoline. Fuel for the car.

Siri: I agree. You would be a fool to put Beano in your car.

Driver: No, Siri. Forget Beano. We need gas for the car or we’re gonna be walking.

Siri: Christopher Walken. Actor. Born March 31, 1943. Would you like for me to dial his number?

Driver: No, Siri, I don…whoa, you can call Christopher Walken?

Siri: Yes.

Driver: Can you call anyone…say, J-Lo?

Siri: Yes.

Driver: Cool. Call J-Lo

Siri: Okay. Dialing.


Voice: Lowenstein’s Bail Bonds, this is Jay Lowenstein speaking. CLICK!

Driver: That wasn’t funny, Siri. That wasn’t J-lo and I still need gas. We’re running on vapors!

Siri: By vapors, do you mean flatulence? If so, there are several pharmacies in your area where you can get Beano.

Driver: No, Siri, I don’t need Be..uh-oh, we just ran out of gas. Siri, call Triple A.

Siri: Dialing.

Voice: Thank you for calling Alcoholics Anonymous. All our lines are busy. Please stay..CLICK!

Driver: No Siri. Not AA. We need Triple A to bring gas. The car is empty. It’s kapoot!

Siri: Poot? There are several pharmacies in your area. I recommend Beano.

Driver: Siri, where can I get a Droid?


Maybe a personal assistant in the car isn’t such a great idea. Sounds like another brilliant GM decision to me. Anyone want to buy a Chevy Volt?





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