Oh No, He Saw Me Naked!

12 11 2012


Our youngest son and daughter-in-law were invited to Charlotte this weekend to go to the Panthers-Broncos game. They asked my wife and me to keep their Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Winston. This dog is 65 pounds of muscle with more energy than a three-year-old kid on a Hershey Bar and Mountain Dew diet. We were looking forward to his arrival on Saturday when our oldest son, who is a captain with the City of Raleigh Fire Department, called saying he had to work all night. He and our daughter-in-law, an ER nurse at Duke Medical Center, had just learned she had to work as well, leaving no one to care for their two daughters, ten-year old Anna and five-year old Abbie. This meant we would be pressed into babysitting duty along with dog sitting. Well, that really isn’t a problem. The girls are no trouble and Winston, although high-energy, is controllable, at least by me. If on his leash, he would be capable of dragging my wife wherever he wanted to go.

As bedtime approached, my wife told the girls to go to the guest room and get ready for bed. Abbie has just reached the point in her life where she realizes she is different anatomically, from boys and is quite modest. She went to the bathroom and removed her clothes. Meanwhile, Winston followed them down the hall and went into the bedroom. Abbie, not aware he was there, went into the bedroom to put her pajamas on. When she got there she saw Winston standing in the room looking at her and shrieked, “Oh no! Winston saw me naked!”

I’m not sure who was more traumatized, Abbie or Winston.

Abby with her clothes on


Big sister, Anna









Waiting for my mama and daddy






2 responses

12 11 2012

Haha I am so happy you posted this! Our Winston is pretty photogenic too!

13 11 2012
Bill Taylor

Yes, he’s very photogenic and quite the voyeur!

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