Out of the Mouths of Babes

18 07 2012

As I was trying to make my way back home from Houston, I was sitting at the gate, along with other hopeful travelers, hoping the flight would get out on time. Many, who had been booked on flights which were cancelled the previous night, were forced to spend an unscheduled night in Houston.

Sitting in a wheel chair right in front of me, was a young lady with her lower leg in a cast.  Traveling and sitting with her was her husband and their two small children. The little girl appeared to be about 5 years old. I would guess the little boy, and he was very small, was three years old. They, like so many of the other passengers, seemed to be apprehensive, fearing they may wind up on another cancelled flight. To add to their angst, the plane was running a little behind and had not yet arrived.

When the gate agent began to make a PA announcement about the status of our flight, everyone grew silent fearing they might miss something important. You could have heard a butterfly belch. Then, in the silence of a pause, while everyone waited for the all-important announcement, the three-year-old boy could be heard by everyone, to say, “Mommie, I peed on myself!”

Through the laughter, the only thing we missed was the laughter of the gate agent. We got out on time and the kid got some dry britches.




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