I Really Am My Brother’s Keeper

5 07 2012

One Sunday morning I was packing for a business trip. I generally don’t leave home on Sundays but this time it was unavoidable. I was paying attention to the television as I gathered my clothes and everything that I would take with me on the trip. There was a program which comes on every Sunday morning in which the host brings viewers current stories of human interest, such as the keeper of the world’s largest collection of barbed wire, or the old couple married for 63 years traveling the country on a Harley Davidson with their pet poodle perched on the handlebars. One particular segment on this particular episode was a story about a news program broadcast over the internet during which newscasters, as they delivered the news, would strip down to their birthday suits. It is something called Naked News.


Now my wife, who was helping me get my things together, asked what I thought was a silly question. She asked why they would show something like that. Her naiveté, bless her heart, knows no bounds. Well, to me the answer was obvious-to make money. Someone came up with an idea they thought the American TV, or in this case, Internet, viewing public would be interested in. They felt there was a market for such a program and were able to find a buyer for their idea. It is further example of our continuing slide toward a Sodom and Gomorrah-esque life style in America, another example of our acceptance of decadence, and immoral hedonism. As we become accepting of something which was once unacceptable, those in control, be they in Washington or Hollywood, continue to push the edge to the next unacceptable level. If you want an example, simply compare prime time television today with that of the 60’s. Gone are the days of wholesome sit-coms projecting family values. Enter today’s television with foul language, immorality, adultery, sexual innuendo, and even nudity.


What really got my attention about this segment was an interview with one of the young attractive newscasters. When asked if she thought what she was doing was in any way immoral, her response was, “No, I’m not breaking any of the Ten Commandments.” I guess because there is no Commandment saying Thou shalt not expose thyself on the Internet, she felt she was in the clear. This young woman apparently believes if it’s not listed among the Ten Commandments, it must not be a sin. Sadly, many people are of similar belief.


Consider the words of Jesus in Matthew 18:7, “How terrible it will be for anyone who causes others to sin. Temptation to do wrong is inevitable, but how terrible it will be for the person who does the tempting”. And at 1 Corinthians, Chapter 9, Paul said, in essence, “If I do something, even something I do not consider wrong, and that action leads someone else to sin, then I have caused that person to sin and thus, have sinned myself.” The seventh Commandment tells us not to commit adultery, and at Matthew 5:28, it states that any man who looks at a woman with lust in his eye, has already committed adultery. Does this young woman believe that no one viewing her performance is lusting as she continues to remove her clothes? I’m pretty sure there are few viewers tuning in just to watch the news, especially since you can get the news on network television for free. It’s a lot like saying you only buy Playboy to read the articles. Her actions have caused someone to sin so she, in turn, has sinned in the eyes of God.

Can’t See the Forest for the Sin

This is not condemnation of this young woman. She is just like all the rest of us, so surrounded by sin yet unable to see. And unless she, or anyone else has had training such as one might get in church or Bible study, then there are many sins she isn’t likely to recognize. The Ten Commandments are just the foundation.


Sin is anything that comes between God and me. But, sin also occurs whenever I cause my brother, or sister, as the case may be, to stumble.


We should measure every one of our actions and every word we speak to make sure we are not the cause of someone else’s downfall. Whether we like it or not, we each have a responsibility to those around us. Perhaps, contrary to what Cain was asking God, I am, after all, my brother’s keeper.




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5 07 2012
Jackie Garner

Awesome insight Bill

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