We Want Sleaze

1 07 2012

Several years ago a large well-known petrochemical company sent 13 employees from their refinery in Baton Rouge to attend a week-long fundamentals of safety class I was teaching in Chapel Hill. The group consisted of twelve men and one woman who seemed to fit right in. At the end of the first day, Monday, the class leader approached me and asked where they could go that evening for a good time. I asked him what they were interested in.


Without coming right out and saying so, he made it clear that their interest consisted of live entertainment, beautiful women and a brass pole. Well, I really didn’t know what to tell him. I thought about it for a moment and recalled there was a place located in a hotel which I passed each day going home from work. It was a place called Satin Dolls. I swear I have never been there.


Anyway, they went to Satin Dolls that evening. The following morning, I walked into class and saw this same guy. I asked him if they went to Satin Dolls. He said they did go and that it is considered a private club where you give them your name and pay five dollars to buy a membership card.”


“Did you like it?” I asked.


“Well, it was okay, I guess,” he said, “just not what we’re looking for.”


“What is it you’re looking for?” I asked.


“We’re looking for sleaze. By the way, you’ve got thirteen memberships to Satin Dolls.”




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