Boy That’s Cold!

4 05 2012

I was returning home from St. Louis last week aboard my airline of choice, Delta. Things had gone well and it had been a good trip so far. After we cleared 10,000 feet, I pulled up my laptop and began to catch up on some work. Soon afterward, the flight attendants began the beverage service. I requested, and was given, a club soda. When I tried to place the cup on the tray in front of my computer, it tipped over and spilled all over the tray table, running under my computer and into my lap. How could one little cup hold so much club soda? Six ounces suddenly seemed like six gallons.


Everyone snapped into motion. I lifted my computer. The flight attendant saw what happened and quickly handed a big handful of napkins to the guy next to me who traded them to me for my laptop. While he held onto my laptop, I wiped off the tray table and then the bottom of my computer. No harm done…except for my pants. I looked down at my grey pants and it looked like my water had broken and I was about to give birth! Unfortunately, more club soda ran off the tray table and into my lap than I was able to absorb with the napkins.


At least it was club soda and not tomato juice or chocolate milk. And it was really good that this happened so early into the flight so I would have enough time to dry out. Oh, but I was still in for a surprise. Several minutes after I was sure I had wiped up and soaked up about all I could, I began to feel this very cold and wet feeling underneath me and between my legs. While I had gotten much of the club soda, the ice which had been in the cup was unaccounted for…until now. When I got off the plane at Raleigh-Durham Airport about thirty minutes later, I felt like I had sat in a swimming pool. I don’t know how much, if any of it still showed as I walked to baggage claim but I was a bit self-conscious. Oh why didn’t I wear a sweater on this trip?




4 responses

4 05 2012

Haha that is outstanding!! But just think, maybe someone on that flight was having a really bad day and they noticed the events of your club soda and suddenly realized it wasn’t that bad!

5 05 2012
Bill Taylor

I really hope I was able to make someone’s day. A wet lap and a little embarrasment would be a small price to pay to bring joy to a stranger!

4 05 2012

That’s why you stop everything, as in time stands still, when the drinks are served. Good thing first class is free unlimited. At least, that’s what I hear.

5 05 2012
Bill Taylor

You’d think someone with nearly 2 million miles in the air would know better, huh?

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