Where’s the Power Button?

14 04 2012

I remember a day when you would bring the new TV home from the store and all you had to do was plug it in, hook up two wires from your roof-mounted TV antennae, and before you could say Ipana Toothpaste, you were watching Lassie pull Timmy from the well.

Now move forward five and a half decades-by the time we figured out how to connect and program the VCR, it was obsolete. Everything, not just entertainment, is electronic. We baby-boomers still struggle with technology and we rely heavily on our kids.

Easter Sunday the kids came over for Sunday dinner and as though I didn’t feel old enough, my nine-year-old granddaughter unwittingly reminded me of the chasm between baby-boomers and generation Z. She had created a game, as she often does, and asked me if I had a stop watch she could use for the game. Fortunately for her, I do have a mechanical stop watch, which I’ve had for about 30 years. Once I showed her how to wind it and use it, she quickly became proficient with it. After about a half-hour, she proudly proclaimed, “Hey, this thing isn’t even electronic and I already know how to use it!”

Somebody please pass the Geritol!




One response

3 05 2012
Melissa Weisbard

I guess people consider me part of Generation X. I’ll be 37 next week. It seems like the majority of my generation is fairly tech savy. I’m a total tech junkie (check out my most recent blog post for evidence to that fact).

Just hang in there. Play around with the tech gadgets. You can figure them out. And just about everything has an online help manual or you can find an answer to the question on Google. These days everything is available at the touch of a finger. Just ask Siri. =)

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