Just Disgusting

7 04 2012

This post is a slight departure from my usual  writings but it’s a story that should be shared for Charley’s sake. This story is not about politics…it’s about helping babies. You judge for yourself.


At Christ Hospital (Don’t let the name fool you!) on the southwest side of Chicago, a tiny baby was born four months prematurely. Forty-five minutes after his birth, this innocent child, who did not ask to enter this world, and was refused medical care, was dead.


And now, as Paul Harvey would say…here’s the rest of the story.


At five months into the pregnancy the lungs were not fully developed so the baby, whom we’ll call Charley, struggled to breathe, too weak to make a sound; too weak to cry. Charley’s parents had wanted a child until they learned this child would be born with Down syndrome. That’s when they opted for an abortion.


The hospital would perform an induced labor abortion, a procedure they did several times each year. Usually, during this procedure, the child is killed by the mother’s contractions. But Charley defied the odds…he lived.


Because Charley was unwanted, and was the result of a failed abortion, he was taken to a utility closet to die. You read correctly. He was taken to a utility closet and left there to struggle, all alone, without medical care, until he took his last breath. What’s just as shocking is that this was legal. The hospital violated no laws in killing this child.


One of the nurses on duty at the time, Jill Stanek, decided that instead of just letting Charley die alone in a dirty closet, she would hold him. She held him in her arms for forty-five minutes until he was gone. Maybe Charley was beyond treatment. Maybe he could not have been saved, but who is to say? They never expected this tough little guy to survive the delivery but they were wrong. Who is to say this child would not have developed, given proper medical care?


You call it whatever you please, but when medical professionals stand by and allow a baby to die without making an effort to help him/her, all under the protection of law; well, I call it legalized murder.


Determined to do something about this tragedy, Ms. Stanek made the easy decision to fight the existing law. Her fight took her to the hospital administration, a pro-life group, the Illinois attorney general, and finally to Senator Jack O’Malley.


O’Malley took up the fight and introduced a bill which changed the wording, but did not change the legal rights of women in Illinois to have an abortion. The bill simply recognized the child outside its mother’s womb as a person. This would assure a child born prematurely could still receive necessary medical care. Only one Illinois state senator argued against the bill- Barack Hussein Obama. The bill was defeated thanks to the successful fight brought by a very persuasive Barack Hussein Obama.


Senator O’Malley would change the bill and try again, but, again, he would be defeated by the arguments of a determined Barack Hussein Obama. Barack Hussein Obama would argue that a “pre-viable fetus” was not a “person” and, therefore, was not entitled to the rights afforded by the Constitution-including medical care.


Barack Hussein Obama, the strongest abortion rights advocate who ever haunted the White House, believes that the right of a woman to choose abortion trumps the life of a living baby. But since the revised bill did not impact those rights, his argument was more about money. He believes the use of taxpayer dollars to care for an unwanted child is a waste of money.


This isn’t about a woman’s right to choose to terminate a pregnancy. This is about the rights of a person, a helpless child to be recognized as a human so he can receive proper care. Only a handful of people stood up for the rights of this and other premature babies. Barack Hussein Obama led a successful fight to deny them that right.


I’ve never been in agreement with much of anything John Kerry has ever said until September 25, 2010 when Kerry called American voters ignorant. I have to agree with that statement and if you need proof I remind you of November 4, 2008.


For more about this and other stories read The Case Against Barack Obama by David Freddoso. Feel free to copy this post and share it with your friends.




2 responses

3 05 2012
Melissa Weisbard

I aboslutely agree with you! It sickens me that because someone is careless and gets pregnant, they decide they should kill their child. There are thousands of families that would happily adopt a baby (myself included). Or even worse, someone decides to kill their baby because they may be born with a genetic disorder! To add insult to injury, now they want the taxpayers to pay for these ridiculous abortions!

You should check out the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). They are like the ACLU, only they fight for the RIGHTS of unborn children and the freedom of religion. It’s nice to know that someone is out there opposing the government-approved murder of innocent babies.

I heard the testimony of a girl named Gianna. She lived after a late-term abortion. She was also discarded in a supply room and left to die. A nurse had mercy on her and got her medical treatment. She is now an adult and she speaks about the tragedy of abortion. I know that she has medical handicaps, but she is grateful to be alive.

Who are these people that think they can play God and decide who lives or dies? It’s sickening.

4 05 2012
Bill Taylor

you’re right Melissa. It’s ashame the child isn’t given a voice.

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