Science and Christianity

25 03 2012

You know what’s truly amazing? An archeologist digs up a 2 inch piece of rock imprinted with a tooth fossil. Two feet away he

Skin Fossil

finds another fossil, this one the size of his hand and appearing to be some type of skin pattern. Now he takes these two fossils into the lab and begins to study them closely. He determines, through carbon dating, the creature, which had a rough pebbled hide, must have lived approximately 225 million years ago-right in the middle of the Triassic period. Two years later he proclaims he has made a discovery of a new species and is written up in all the science journals. The articles include artist’s renderings of a meat-eating creature having four legs, a 2 foot tail, and small but sharp teeth. The creature, he surmises in his writings, was a loner since no evidence of similar creatures has ever been found in the area or elsewhere.  He spends the next two years traveling the world giving speeches about his new discovery-all this based on two fossils small enough to fit into his fanny pack.


Or how about the astronomer who spends hours peering through the observatory telescope studying the heavens and one evening sees something she has never seen before. In fact, no one has ever claimed to have seen this celestial object before. Then, based on a few clues, plus her vast knowledge of space, she excitedly proclaims the discovery of a new planet. Wait a minute; all these learned people told me when I was a kid that there were only 9 planets in our solar system. Now they’re saying they were wrong!



Can’t Trust Technology

All these years I’ve been misled by these brilliant people of science. I lied to my kids affirming their science books were accurate and there were only 9 planets. I stood on my deck looking at Venus and wondering where the other seven (I know where earth is) planets might be found. Somebody should be sued.


So, in their defense, the scientists are quick to point out the advances in technology. We have much better telescopes today, they would tell us. We have much more sophisticated lab equipment for examining and dating the fossil record enabling them to make new discoveries, some of which contradict earlier discoveries based on inferior technology.


So, will the day ever come when we see an interview with some engineer who claims to be a carbon dating expert who has discovered a more accurate dating method and reveals that carbon dating is so inaccurate and unreliable that it will be scrapped in favor of this new method? And will this new technology prove that the earth is not billions of years old as suspected but, in fact, is only about 10 to 12 thousand years old? Do you think the day will ever come when our technological advances prove the big bang theory was just that-a theory from the mind of those who couldn’t force themselves to accept something as irrational as a Creator?


Now, where am I going with this? When these people of science, as school children, read from their text books, there were 9 planets. They, as did the rest of us, believed it to be true. They were awed by the size of the dinosaur skeletons they saw at the museums they visited-skeletons constructed of only a handful of bones, the rest of which were cast from plaster. Later, in college, they studied the writings of Tattersall, Darwin and Sagan and never doubted the validity of the writings of these theorists. So, why is it these learned scientists, who take great pride in their hard-earned education, cannot accept the writings of Scripture? Why will they accept the contrived drawing of a dinosaur based solely on the discovery of a couple of small fossils as fact, yet rebuff the Shroud of Turin or other religious artifacts?


Can Trust His Word!

Paul wasn’t a theorist. He was writing books based on fact. The same is true for other writers of Scripture. They were agents of God, some of them personal friends of Jesus and eyewitnesses to events in His life, divinely inspired in their writings which have not only endured the ages but have revealed the truth in prophecy time and again. Could it be because these brilliant minds do not feel Scripture is based on science? More likely, it is because they don’t want to subscribe to a God-directed life and you cannot be a child of God without giving your life to God and living the life He wants you to live. You cannot find eternal life in heaven unless you put your faith in God, and not in man, and accept Christ as Lord of your life. Perhaps these smart people aren’t so smart after all.




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