Tebow Mania

14 01 2012

Not Just Another Football Player

Tim Tebow wasn’t supposed to be more than a mediocre college quarterback. Yet he is one of few college quarterbacks who can lay

Winner, Heisman Trophy

claim to both a Heisman Trophy and a national championship.

He wasn’t supposed to be successful in the NFL. He was third string quarterback for the Denver Broncos when halfway through the 2011 season he finally got a chance to start. In three consecutive games the Broncos trailed going into the fourth quarter only to have Tebow lead a miracle comeback, that almost seemed divinely inspired, to win the game. Tim makes no secret of his genuine love for God and is quick to go down to a single knee and offer a prayer following every touchdown.

Of course he has his critics, especially among the non-believers, and many have been quick to belittle his accomplishments and criticize his actions. When Tim suffered through a horrible loss, in which he threw what seemed like a thousand interceptions and was unable to stage a miraculous eleventh hour comeback, many were quick to point to the failure-some in jest, some mockingly- saying that God failed Tim.

Thou Shalt Win on Thine Own

Now hold on just a minute.  God doesn’t play favorites. God didn’t fail Tim in his losses any more than He helped him in his victories. The truth is, God gave Tim Tebow the tools he needed to do what he has done in his football career. He gave him a strong healthy body and  talent for the game;  but, most importantly, He gave him the heart and drive to make himself the best he could be.  Just like so many others who have obtained greatness, Tim Tebow worked hard to achieve his success. 

Something else worth mentioning is the fact that in every game, win or lose, Tebow is not the only Christian on the field. There are players on each opposing team who love and follow God just as Tebow does, so why would God forsake those believers just to give Tim Tebow a miraculous win? To say Tebow didn’t pull out the win because God failed him is ignorant and uniformed.

"...in me, you may have peace." Jesus

Not A One-Trick Pony

Tebow might go on to be the greatest quarterback the NFL has ever seen. But then again, he could be cut by the Broncos and never come any closer to football success than he has already . That might be the day he decides to become a missionary or enroll in divinity school. No one knows God’s plan for Tebow, but I promise you, God does have a plan. As long as Tim Tebow plays in the NFL, he will continue to push himself to be the best player and the best role model he can be-a lesson some of the other players, great or mediocre, could stand to learn.

I think a good analogy is Jamie O’Hara. If you saw the movie Rudy, you’ll recall the scene that took place late in the season in which Rudy tackles third string running back Jamie O’Hara. Jamie comes up swinging, angry that Rudy is playing so hard during the final practice of the season. Then head coach, Ara Parseghian, reamed O’Hara for his less than full effort, telling O’Hara if he had half the heart of Rudy he could have been an All-American.

Tebow pushes himself like Rudy. That is a terrific compliment to both men. Rudy knew he would never be a first string player for the Notre Dame football team, but knew if he pushed himself to be the best he could be then he might at least have an opportunity to get into a game. Tim Tebow has done just what Rudy did. He pushed himself to be the best he can be and has achieved success that few will ever know.

Success is not measured by where you are but by how far you traveled to get there. Much as I would like to, I cannot take credit for that profound statement, nor can I recall who said it. Perhaps one of my readers can enlighten me, but it describes Tim Tebow who pushed himself to overcome mediocre attributes and reach the top of his game. We should all be so dedicated to making the best of the gifts God has given us. We should all be so willing to give God the credit.




3 responses

14 01 2012

I think it was Steve Prefontaine that said that. Whether he came up with that on his own or was repeating it I don’t know.

14 01 2012
Scott Sholar

Thanks for sharing and God bless you. I wrote a piece on Tim about two months ago: http://scottsholar.com/2011/11/18/not-ashamed-of-the-gospel/

14 01 2012
Bill Taylor

Thanks, Scott for letting me know about your blog. If Denver is able to pull the upset today then this thing will really take off. For that reason it’s good to share and hopefully bring a little enlightenment to many who may not understand how God works-they aren’t likely to get it from the national media! I’ll be sure to look for your blog and the piece you wrote. I wonder how much increase in attendance the churches across the country will see tomorrow if Tebow and the Broncos should pull out another win!

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