New Dirt

6 01 2012

I will readily admit that I know nothing about gardening. If all my gardening knowledge was money, I couldn’t pay attention. So perhaps I’m completely off base in my understanding of potting soil.

Our son and daughter-in-law gave my wife some African Violets, one of her favorite plants because it’s one of the few she doesn’t kill. This past Saturday morning we were making plans to go to Lowes, one of my favorite places to shop, and she asked me to add potting soil to our shopping list. I told her I was pretty sure I had some potting soil left over from last year.

“Oh, but that’s old,” she told me, “I want new potting soil.”

Old? It’s dirt. I might not know much about gardening but I’m pretty sure all the dirt was made on the same day. I remember reading that in Genesis. “Where are you going to go to get younger dirt,” I asked her. Even the potting soil in the bags at Lowes is older than dirt.

She told me the nutrients that are added to dirt to make potting soil might lose their potency over time. Perhaps if I knew more about gardening and potting soil, I could challenge her on this point but I’m not informed enough to debate the issue. Here’s an idea…why don’t we just throw a handful of fertilizer into the old potting soil and see what happens? Well, I may not know much about gardening but I do know that if my wife wants new dirt, she’ll get it whether I buy it or she goes out to get it herself. She’s hard-headed that way.




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