Bill Taylor: Chip or Dale?

18 11 2011

Thirty-one years ago, I had taken a position managing the City of Durham’s employee safety and health program and had moved my family to Durham. Not long after beginning my new job, I was having coffee one day in a downtown cafe with one of the local businessmen when one of his friends walked in. This friend was the owner of a local night club. Being new to the area, I had never heard of him or his club but he seemed quite passionate as he told me about his night spot. He began to elaborate as he told me he had live entertainment featuring male dancers. He then asked me if I thought I might be interested in working at his club as one of his dancers. “You’d only have to strip down to a G-string,” he said.

Doin' the Bubba Boogy

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This was so wrong for so many reasons.

First, I was always of the understanding that to be a professional dancer, one should have at least a modicum of dancing skill. I’m pretty good as long as the music is slow and easy, but pick up the tempo and I dance like a three-legged dog chasing his tail on a frozen pond.  

And if you’re going to be up on a stage taking your clothes off to entertain an audience, especially a female audience, I would imagine it would be helpful to be at least a little buff. Well, 31 years ago I was much leaner and toner than I am today but even then, my six-pack was missing about five cans.

Click on Chris Farley

Finally, this guy had no idea with whom he was speaking. Hey pal, this is Mr. Conservative here. I don’t drink nor do I frequent bars, especially bars featuring near-naked male dancers. My idea of a fun evening is a cup of coffee and a John Wayne movie…preferably In Harm’s Way. And for excitement I’ll take the wife to Lowes and stop at Goodberry’s for a little frozen custard. I could be a poster child for vanilla. Some might consider my life dull but I enjoy it. But I’m probably more qualified to do brain surgery. At least I’m pretty good with a knife and a saw.

If this is how this guy picks his dancers, without even asking them if they can dance, I’m not sure I would want to go to his place even if I was into hineys and honky-tonkin’. Maybe he’s a better businessman than a talent scout. I don’t know but I’ll bet he’s a better talent scout than I am a Chippendale dancer.




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23 11 2011
Melissa Weisbard

Too funny. I got dragged to a nightcub like that with some friends of mine when I was in my 20s. It was an awful experience. I just wanted to hide my face. I was embarrassed for these men dancing around in their underwear. I wasn’t as conservative then as I am now, but I was still way too shy for an experience like that. I’ve never been a drinker or a frequent visitor to night clubs. I do enjoy dancing, but not for an audience. How odd that he would just ask someone he met if they wanted to dance in his club. LOL

23 11 2011
Bill Taylor

Oh, Melissa, I can just picture you stage-side at some club but not with me on stage. that is far beyond my fertile imagination. I did learn later, after sharing this story with co-workers, that this guy was considered by most locals to be a bit of a sleaze-bag. Guess it’s true what they say, everyone has a story.

23 11 2011
Sherry W.

That is soooo funny! Maybe you should reconsider the offer though! I’d pay good money to see that!!! And I’m broke!!! :):):):) Just kidding!! Really though,
can’t you see your name in lights and your picture on a billboard add? You could be the “Senior” poster child for male dancers!! WooHoo!!!!!!

23 11 2011
Bill Taylor

Just guessing here but I think when you go to see Chippendales dancers you don’t expect the smell of Ben-Gay permeating the room. I wouldn’t be a Chippendale, I’d be more like a Chippenyech!

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