It’s Been A Bad Week

6 11 2011

You know, if this story were happening to someone else it would be funny. It’s more like what you would see in a movie or a Three Stooges episode.


My wife was having complications from a fractured foot which occurred about five years ago. As a result, her foot is in a cast. She has never been steady afoot and earlier this week, her already impaired stability,  further impaired by the cast, caused her to fall while in the shower; thus,  injuring her left knee. After a day or so, the pain began to subside and she was encouraged that her knee was on the mend. Then later in the week, as she was hobbling to the mailbox, she fell in the street and fractured her right arm. During the night, her arm resting on a pillow, she began to experience severe pain in her left leg. The pain continued to increase to the point when I took her to the doctor the following day the doctor was unable to perform any type of exam beyond x-rays.


Her left leg is still too painful to walk on so she must have some type of walking assistance. The problem is, with the fractured arm, she is unable to use a crutch on the right side. So now her balance and stability are like that of an elephant in stilettos standing on a high wire. She has a hard time getting up from a seated position with only one functional knee. I shared all that for one reason…to ask for your prayers for my wife (Then you can have a little laugh).




5 responses

6 11 2011
Cora owens

Hope she will be better soon.

6 11 2011
Bill Taylor


6 11 2011
Amy Merritt

Will be praying for you and Carolyn! Miss seeing you!

6 11 2011
Bill Taylor

Thank you so much Amy. We both really appreciate it.

7 11 2011
Jackie Garner

prayers for now laughs for later when she is ready to laugh about it herself

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