“Granddaddy, What’s a Record Player?”

21 10 2011

Our nine-year-old granddaughter, Anna, whom I affectionately refer to as “Baby Girl”, was digging through our closet recently when she came across a stack of old magazines. As she leafed through one, a card fell to the floor. Picking it up, she read it and then came to me.


“Granddaddy,” she asked, “what’s a record club?”


“Well, years ago,” I explained, “when your daddy was a little boy, you could send a penny to these record companies to join their clubs and they would send you 10 or 12 records. Then every month you would buy a record at the regular club prices.”


“What’s a record?” she asked. 

Who didn't have a few Elvis albums?


“A record was a plastic disc that sort of stored music. We would play them on the stereo.”


“What’s a stereo?”


“A stereo was a record player.”


“What’s a record player?”


“That is a device with a needle and speakers that we would use to play these records. It was just like having your own radio station at home.”


“What’s a radio station?”

Fred and Wilma diggin' the Stones!


“A radio station was a place where they would play music and transmit it to radios.”


“What’s a radio?” 

This, Baby Girl, is a transistor radio.


“A radio is a box that could convert the radio waves to sound so you could hear the music they played on their record players at the radio station.”


“Oh, you mean like Pandora?”


“Uhh…yeah, Baby Girl, what’s Pandora?”

The record player. My sister had one just like this one.




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6 11 2011
Amy Merritt

This made me laugh out loud. We had two similar experiences with Alex, who is now 10-years old. We went shopping to buy a car last year. And we were test driving a Jeep. It wasn’t very fancy. We’re sitting in the back seat, and he asked me what that handle with the knob was for. And I said, “that’s to roll the window down with, honey.” He’d never seen a crank window before.

Also, we got down to the beach last summer and decided to order a pizza for dinner. I wasn’t sure where to get it from, so pulled the yellow pages out of the drawer. He asked me what I was reading. He’s never see us use a phone book before!

7 11 2011
Bill Taylor

Isn’t it a hoot when things like that happen? It’s fun trying to explain party phone lines and slide rules. hard now awadys to even find yellow pages in a hotel room.. glad you enjoyed the story!

4 07 2014

Good info. Lucky me I discovered your website by accident (stumbleupon).
I’ve saved as a favorite for later!

5 07 2014
Bill Taylor

So glad you stumbled upon my site. Hope to hear from you more in the future!

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