The Annual Geezerfest

22 09 2011

Okay, if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know from past posts that I can be a little slow on the uptake sometimes. You can repeatedly punch me in the face and eventually I’ll sense that you don’t like me. I finally caught on to the Grandfriends’ Day and the Book Fair.

That's our Anna!


Every year a day is set aside at my granddaughter’s elementary school to allow grandparents to come to the school and visit their grandchildren in their classrooms. They call this Grandfriends’ Day. My wife and I attended this event last week, as we have in years past. We enjoy this opportunity to share with our granddaughter, especially because she enjoys our being there so much. But I have made a few observations over the years and decided at last week’s event, I would share some of them.


The first thing I noticed was that most of those other grandparents looked like…well, grandparents. Grandparents are old with blue and silver hair, wrinkled skin and ear lobes hanging down to their shoulders. Most of these people fit that description. They walked with the shuffle of arthritis. They reeked of Ben-Gay and Hai Karate. They looked like my grandparents with skin like newly plowed fields.


And people begin to spread out shortly after the honeymoon so by the time they become grandparents their butts are the size of a number 5 washtub. When the grandparents show up for Grandfriends’ Day there’s only one

So many books to choose from. "I'll just get them all."

adult-size chair in the room and that belongs to the teacher. All the grandfriends must either stand or sit on those tiny kid chairs, their cheeks hanging over each side. I saw one old man get up to leave and took his chair with him, unaware it was stuck to his butt.


Then there was the Book Fair. A better name for this fund-raising event would be the candy rack. It’s much like the retailers who put candy by the checkout so when parents are standing in the checkout line with their crumb-snatchers sitting in the carts, they can’t get out of the store without buying candy. The schools know that grandparents no longer pay college tuition. They no longer have kids at home to feed and clothe so they have a lot more disposable income and they’re suckers when it comes to their grandkids. And my sweet wife is the suckerest of them all.


At the Book Fair the schools set up temporary shelves containing books they know the kids would love to have. These are some really cool, age-appropriate books and the kids suck them up. It’s really a great way to raise money, which the schools desperately need. My wife is more than willing to do her part and at the same time our granddaughter gets a few new books to read. I’m happy to contribute a little to the school’s financial needs but I have no interest in paying a teacher’s salary for the year. Still, we walk out of the Book Fair with enough books to fill a 4 gig Kindle. But that’s okay because my granddaughter was happy. But best of all…my wife was happy. All is well in Durham!



A young reader's paradise!


Cha-Ching! Did you leave any books for the other kids?





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