Doggonit, How Do They Do It?

2 07 2011

I’ve heard that dogs can sense impending disaster, such an approaching storm or an earthquake. Our little six-pound miniature long-hair dachshund, who is deathly afraid of storms, begins to get a little restless just minutes before we hear the first clap of thunder. It could be she is sensing the storm, but then again, she is prone to gas and if she should detect a breath of methane wafting past her nose, she’ll get up and move. Coincidence? I don’t know.

Party Girl!


How do you suppose that story ever got started? I can imagine something like a huge 16th century storm hitting a small village in France (such stories always originate in Europe) resulting in major flooding, washing away several homes and shops. Afterwards, the villagers are sitting around reliving the experience and someone, perhaps the local butcher, says something like, (in my best Pepe LePew accent) “I noteeced as zee sky, she began to turn dark, all zee dogs ran down zee street and out of zee veelaje”.


Or perhaps the story didn’t begin until sometime later. I mean, if we don’t know the origin then chances are we don’t know when the story began either.


What a lot of people don’t know is that in 1871, on the night Mrs. O’Leary’s cow supposedly kicked over the lantern, her next door neighbor, Patrick McMurphy, saw her dog, Spud, running out of the barn where the cows were kept, and down the street, yelping and barking. I’m not challenging Spud’s ability to foresee coming doom, but why did he take off running like a K-Mart shopper at a blue light special? My theory is, Spud was playing around in the barn, maybe pulling the cow’s tail or something like that, and he, not the cow, kicked the lantern over. Realizing what he had done, he took off because he didn’t want to be around to catch the blame. All these years we’ve blamed Mrs. O’Leary’s poor innocent cow.


I don’t know…maybe they can, maybe they cannot sense when bad things are about to happen. I do know this…dogs are sneaky little varmints. They’re like liberal lawyer democrat politicians (what a dastardly combination!) you can’t believe a thing that comes from their mouths and you’d better not let ‘em get too close to your leg! If our dachshund could talk, I’m sure she would blame me.

Party girl likes to ride!




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