Just Shut-Up and Keep Packing!

28 05 2011

I was what they call a road warrior. Until recently a typical year for me was 100,000 miles with Delta Airlines, 160 nights in a hotel bed, and a different restaurant every night. When you travel that much you had better learn how to pack efficiently. Although I now have packing down to a science it hasn’t always been that way. When I first began frequent travel my wife packed my bag for me. Well, that didn’t last very long. After the first trip, when I got a double hernia lifting my bag into the trunk of the car, and half the clothes I took I brought home unworn, I decided I would do my own packing for future trips. Now I do all the packing whenever we travel.


Packing for myself can be a challenge. Actually the packing part is easy, it’s the choosing what to pack that I sometimes struggle with. The socks and underwear are a breeze but trying to decide on what clothes to wear for the next 5 days is where the challenge comes in.


Now my wife, on the other hand, is easy to pack for. All you have to do is get out every piece of luggage we own and fill them with all the clothes and shoes from her closet. Bam! You’re packed for the next two days.


“Why do you need all these clothes for a two-day trip”, I’ll ask.

I think we're going to need a bigger car for my wife's bags!


“Well”, she responds, “I don’t know what color the flowers will be at the wedding so I have to take a variety of dresses.”


“Okay, what about five pairs of pants?”


“The beige ones are for when we go out for breakfast tomorrow. The dark grey ones are for tomorrow night. If it’s cold tomorrow night I’ll want to wear my light blue sweater. But my light blue sweater doesn’t look good with my grey pants. That’s what the blue pants are for. The black ones are in case I spill something on the beige ones. You know how bad I am about spilling. And then the light grey ones are just in case I decide I want to wear light grey. And I’ll need a top and shoes to go with each pair of pants”.


“What about all this shampoo. You know they have shampoo at the hotel.”


“You know I don’t like hotel shampoo. My hair just doesn’t do right. I want my own shampoo.”


“But three bottles of shampoo?


“They’re not all shampoo. This one is for color retention. This one is a fortifier. This is just a conditioner.”


“We’re only going to be gone two nights. Don’t you think you can go two nights without conditioning?”


“Dear, how long have we been married”, she asked me.


“Nearly 40 years.”


“What have you learned in 40 years?”


“Never mind”, I said as I think to myself, Just shut-up and keep packing!





2 responses

31 05 2011

You realize that only certain populations have to worry about packing bottles of stuff for color retention. I can’t relate.

1 06 2011
Bill Taylor

You are correct, son. And there are also certain popluations that have hair…at least hair long enough to grab.

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