No Thanks! You Take the Window!

20 04 2011

The kids were 14, 10 and 6 when I was invited to attend a conference in Denver to receive an award. I decided to take the entire family so we could all enjoy a little vacation time. This promised to be an exciting trip because it would be the first airplane ride for our three sons.

The boys in the shadow of a B52 at the USAF Academy.

We did a lot of sightseeing and had a great family experience before heading back home on Sunday morning.

Mark, our youngest, didn’t have an opportunity, or desire, to sit by the window on the way out. But on the return trip he said he would like to have a window seat. So, I put him next to me at the window on the left side of the plane. Things were going along fine for a while. It was a beautiful Father’s Day, 1991, with bright sunshine and clear skies-a perfect day for flying.

Not too far into the flight, for some reason we began to bank to the left. It was a pretty steep bank and 6-year old Mark suddenly found himself looking down at the ground. In a single, fluid motion he was out of his seat belt, out of his seat and into my lap clinging to me like paint to the wall. I tried to get him back into his seat but it was like trying to put a cat into a bathtub. The child was having no part of that window seat. It might take some talking to get him to go skydiving with me.

Eric (UNC) and Mark (Duke) have a snowball fight on Fathers Day. Hey, guys...turn around! (At the Air Force Academy.)




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