The Fish Pond

8 03 2011

Digging, Digging, Digging

The kite was now a pile of sticks and paper. The hammer was back in the shop. But when you’re stuck on a tiny island with little to do and your family thousands of miles away, time is your worst enemy. So to occupy the mind as much as the hands, we set out to find our next project. Someone came up with the bright idea of digging a fish pond and stocking it with tropical fish from the lagoon. A fish pond on a small island in the middle of the Pacific? Are you kidding me? Oh well, it was a time killer.

L-R: Lt. Enstrom (CO), Capps, Tom Hydorne, Brett Heade, Steve Dunn

We borrowed a jack hammer from the Air Force guys on Johnston Island and began to dig through the coral ground. I left to return home before the pond was completed, but a friend of mine, Randy Fielding, told me recently that the pond never was completed. Instead, they filled in the hole and when they replaced the old walk-in freezers, they placed one of them on the site above the intended pond and turned it into a sauna. Now I ask you, what makes more sense than a fish pond on an island? How about a sauna in the tropics that smells like lettuce and lobster? They now had a place where they could sit and think about all they were missing back home. Hello time, come on in!

Tang (Surgeon Fish)




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