My McCulloch Mistake

13 02 2011


The ice storm fell throughout the town

It broke my favorite tree.

So I went out into the yard

Just my McCulloch and me.

My saw came alive as I yanked the cord

With its familiar buzzing sound

Its white smoke curling around my face

As I knelt down to the ground.

I placed the blade against the tree

And squeezed the throttle hard

Cutting deep into the trunk

Sending chips across the yard.

I cut one side and retracted the blade

As I’d seen on HGTV

Then flipped it to the other side

And got on the other knee.

Squeezing the throttle once again

The tree began to lean.

The smell of smoke, the splintering wood

It was such a manly scene.

But looking up in nauseating fear

I was horror-struck.

The tree was falling along a path

Straight toward my neighbor’s truck.

The crunching steel, the breaking glass

It was a blunder on the greatest scale

Now a newly placed sign in my yard reads

One chain saw for sale!






2 responses

13 02 2011

Bill Please say that did not happen in real life..You are such a good

13 02 2011
Bill Taylor

I’m sure it has happened to someone but I’ve always managed to drop trees where I wanted to and not on top of someone’s vehicle. Just been lucky I guess! Take care and thanks for the compliment. This poetry thing is still new to me but fun.

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