You Talkin’ ta Me?

8 02 2011

Speaking of smart phones…I think about the dumbest thing to come along in a while is that wad of plastic I see sticking out of people’s ears. I’m referring to the Bluetooth that allows one to talk over the phone with their hands free to do whatever Bluetooth users do with their hands while talking on the phone. It wasn’t enough to just have a cell phone, which now gives us communication capability anytime and anywhere-we had to go hands-free. In some ways this is a good thing, but it took me a while to adjust. I can’t tell you how many times I have been walking through an airport and turned to respond to a question the guy, or guyette, walking alongside or behind me asked, only to learn he or she was not speaking to me.

I was walking through LA International Airport and this sultry voice in my left ear said, “You know, we can be at my place in 20 minutes”. I looked her way with a grin on my face that said, sorry but I’m happily married. She looked back at me with a look that said, as if! I then saw she had some strange blue light emanating from her ear like some alien being. It was then I realized she was speaking on the phone to someone who probably was not happily married.

So, on the return trip I was going through San Francisco International Airport. I was walking along the concourse when I heard another sultry voice say, “You know, we can be at my place in 20 minutes”. This time I didn’t even look at him. Don’t know if he was on a cell phone or not, and had no desire to find out!

Bluetooth users should be required to preface everything uttered over the phone with some announcing statement such as “now transmitting via Bluetooth”, just to warn the rest of us so we don’t embarrass ourselves by making unwanted responses to which there will be only a scowl in return. Or, maybe they should be required to use language like they use in radio communication. “Roger, honey, my plane has landed-over. Yes, I’m on my way to baggage claim now-over. I’ll be home in twenty minutes-over and out”.

Maybe the next step in personal communication will be thought transference and we won’t have to hear other people’s phone conversations.




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8 02 2011

I can remember as a child my parents told me to run like crazy from anyone who was talking out loud …apparently to them selves, cause they are Crazy. Well I still run from people talking to them selves or anyone else where I can not see their phone because their face is turned from my view of their blue tooth. Makes you wonder what ever happened to Good Manners. Needless to say I have learned to run pretty good for a 63 yr old ….But I am the one who looks crazy.Thanks Bill for the blog you really get my old brain recharging….With lots of funny thoughts.

9 02 2011
Bill Taylor

In today’s world you never can tell. I’m so glad you enjoy the blog. Hope you’re doing well (health and L’l Brat career).

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