What, Me Worry?

6 11 2010

Before the Robbery

I’m not sure why I used the well-known motto of Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Newman. I guess it’s because that is about how I feel. I may worry about things which I can control; but, I refuse to worry myself over things beyond my control. I also refuse to worry about water under the bridge and things… as in belongings.

Let me explain. I left home Monday morning around 6:30. My wife left home just before 9:00. Shortly thereafter, we each got a call from ADT. Yes, that ADT…our home security monitoring service. They were calling to inform us they had been less than successful in securing our home. I was sitting in a plane in Atlanta at the time; but, by the time my wife returned home someone had relieved us of two LCD televisions and her laptop computer. Well, I’ve tried all day to find some humor in all of this, and finally decided it really doesn’t bother me that much. The way I see it the joke is on the cowardly weasels who perpetrated this crime.

My front door was in need of painting. Oh, that’s on my honey-do list but I have to tell you, it’s a long list and painting the front door is way down there-one, because it’s a low priority and two, because I don’t like to paint. Besides that, it was also in bad need of a new weather strip-another item on my honey-do list. Well, I’m sure that if I had approached these “bad people”, as my 3-year old granddaughter calls them, and asked them to kick my front door in with so much force they destroyed it, they would have seen this as work and refused to do it. Now, if I offered them a couple hundred bucks they might have decided it would be worth it after all.

Well, that’s what they did except I didn’t have to give these children of God the 200 bucks. Oh, I lost a couple of TVs in the process, but I’ll replace them, along with my wife’s computer. They’re covered by insurance. But now I’ll also get a new front door-painted and with a new weather strip, just in time for winter-also covered by insurance. Thanks, boys!

BTW-I’ll now be installing an outdoor alarm and security cameras in case they feel like they didn’t get enough and decide to return.




3 responses

6 11 2010
Jackie Garner

Bill you and I must shre the same motto….some times you just have to laugh to keep from crying.Thank God for a sense of humor when we need it the most.

6 11 2010
Bill Taylor

You’re right, Jackie. When I look at you I see Alfred E. Newman in a clown suit. Yours is a fantastic story of perseverance and overcoming adversity and we WILL get it published!

20 11 2010
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