Michigan Vacation

17 10 2010

Sorry for the absence of anything new. I had some work to do in Ohio this week so Carolyn and I combined that with a little vacation. And I know I said I would not bore you with daily events but I thought I’d share our vacation anyway.

We left home last Thursday and drove to Michigan to visit our son and daughter-in-law (Eric and Brooke) in their new home, north of Detroit. We got home last night (Friday).

I believe it when they say it’s a small world but when you’re driving, it’s a big country. MapQuest puts the drive right at twelve hours. Obviously, MapQuest fails to take into consideration the active female bladder. I suppose if one were to drive non-stop it would be possible to make it in 12 hours but it actually took us about 14 hours driving time each way. Not all the delay was due to potty stops. You still have an appetite when you’re driving so it becomes necessary to stop and grab something to eat. Also, we decided to break up the trip and stay at a hotel. We stayed in Ripley, West Virginia on Thursday night of last week and then on the return we stayed in Charleston.

The beauty of the fall colors as we drove through the mountains of northwestern North Carolina, southwest Virginia, and West Virginia made it all worthwhile. It was really a nice drive.

We took Greta, our 10-year-old miniature long-hair dachshund, along. She was a great passenger. I made her a bed in the back seat of the car and she slept most of the way. Dachshunds are quite sociable so about every three or four hours she would rouse up and whine for someone to hold her. I would let her sit in my lap for about 15 minutes and she was ready to get back on her bed.

On the return trip we stopped in Mt Airy, North Carolina to eat lunch. I also wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to visit with an old Coast Guard buddy who lives in Mt Airy. He introduced us to a great place where we met and had a great lunch and enjoyed a short visit. If you’re ever driving anywhere near Mt. Airy (boyhood home of Andy Griffith) you will do yourself a disservice if you don’t stop and eat at Goober’s.

I won’t bore you with a lot about the trip but I did post some pictures. Hope you enjoy them.

View from front door of Eric and Brooke’s house

The new house hiding behind the trees
Eric and Brooke
Greta and me with Coast Guard buddy, Jim.
Eric, Brooke, Carolyn with Greta, and me


Greta in the back seat








2 responses

17 10 2010
Jackie Garner

I miss North Carolina ….such awesome fall drives.
Gretta is such a cutie and appears to be very loveable. Sounds like a great trip

18 10 2010
Wendy Brown

a beautiful family picture!!! and a beautiful home to boot!! congradulations!!!

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