It’s A Matter of Taste

27 09 2010

My wife says all my taste is in my mouth. I won’t dispute that, but, I would ask who died and made her the taste queen? Who’s to say her taste is any better than mine? I do know enough not to wear plaid pants with a paisley shirt. Actually, I know enough not to own plaid pants and a paisley shirt. I know what I like, but what I like is not always socially acceptable. In the final analysis, it doesn’t make any difference because if we disagree, we can usually reach a compromise. For example, I recently decided to paint my office at home and chose a color which was about two shades darker than what she thought it should be. After a brief discussion we came to our customary compromise-I went with her choice and she hasn’t said another word about it. She gets what she wants-her choice of paint color, and I get what I want- her silence.

I know this sounds terrible to those of my species, my fellow husbands, but it isn’t really that bad. The truth is I like her taste…usually. (there were the red pants she gave me in 1980.) I respect her taste. In most cases in which we have had a difference of opinion, I usually wind up liking her choices better than mine. But that doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea to take her with me to my manly haunts like Lowes and Woodworker’s Supply. I have to be very selective about inviting her along on such jaunts.

About seven years ago I was remodeling one of the bathrooms. I never even considered paint and tile colors. I just left that up to her from the git-go. It worked out so well, I decided I would also let her choose the new light fixture.

“I’m going to Lowes to get a light fixture for the bathroom. Would you like to come along”?

That was a mistake. She accepted my invitation and we spent the next two hours at Lowes looking at light fixtures. Now don’t get me wrong. There are few places I would rather spend two hours than at a store surrounded by tools, hardware, and building supplies. But two hours looking at light fixtures?! That’s worse than tailing along watching her read can labels in the grocery store. (See The Grocery Store, under Previous Entries, on this blog) In case you’ve never been, take my word for it, Lowes does not have that many light fixtures. She quickly ruled out the majority and had her selections down to three or four. Then it began, “Which one do you like?” she would ask.

I was a B student, which puts me just a notch above average. In marriage it has been the same way. In other words, it may have taken me a few years to learn, but I did learn, perhaps a notch faster than the average husband. After 39 years of wedded bliss, I have learned that if we disagree and we go with my choice then she is, more likely than not, going to be unhappy with it later. And, I need not tell you what it means when the wife isn’t happy. For that reason, and the fact she is usually right, I invoke my rights as a husband to insist that she make the final decision…a small price to pay for a happy home.

Maybe that’s how we’ve managed to last 39 years!




One response

27 09 2010
Jackie Garner

After 39yrs I think you have both become Maters at what you do for the other.Example I have been married to my LarBear for 44yrs now.. we had an agreement the day before our wedding 1.He makes the money I spend it 2. I will do pretty much what he asks me to do but Don’t ever try and Tell what to do. i guess your wife and I found 2 of the better men for our husbands.

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